Rock a Baby

Main Profile

Rock a Baby

“Rock a Baby” is an institution that was launched in the year 1993. We started by importing baby products from the United States of America and distributing the products to many retailers in Lebanon. Moreover, we opened our own retail shops in Beirut area and in several shopping malls. We embarked on an aggressive expansion plan and we currently have eleven shops across the whole country.

We started manufacturing our own brands in several factories in the Orient and these brands witnessed a very high demand in the above mentioned markets. Another venture to “Rock a Baby” is also the execution of many private brands to different companies in Lebanon, UAE, Romania and Jordan.

In summary, we are a company whose vision is to be a vital member in the “global city” and keep on in our success story that began in our small country Lebanon and continued its flight throughout the world.

zalka highway • kouyoumji center • beirut 000 • Lebanon
Phone: 00961 1 874900
Fax: 00961 9 790238