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Sammy Sack

Sammysack all began on a rainy winter day in Seattle when Sam’s mom took him out for a run in his jogging stroller. The fleece blanket normally used with the stroller had disappeared on a previous walk. Probably it dragged on the ground or got caught in the wheel after Sam’s active little legs kicked it loose. The nice soft knit blanket from the crib proved to be no match for the harsh weather that day. Sam passed several other little ones in strollers dealing with the same dilemma; cold, not moving enough to keep warm, blankets blowing off or dragging behind, and lacking protection from the mean weather. That’s when Sam’s mom realized what he needed. A blanket just for riding in the stroller. Something warm and soft but also resistant to wind and rain. Something simple that won’t slide off, blow off, or get kicked off. From that outing an idea was born, and after a winter of prototype designs and product testing we have the SammySack.

Now that Sam has his SammySack, going for walks in snowy, windy, rainy, cold weather is no longer a worry. Sam’s parents are happy too, to have a blanket that keeps him warm while he goes for runs or walks along the seashore, in the woods, the mountains, the big city, or anywhere else. Sam and his family hope you get a lot of use from the SammySack and hope your family can get outside in all kinds of weather.

3011 61st Ave SW • Seattle, Washington 98116
Contact: Theresa Okell
Phone: (206) 937-3797