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Secure Beginnings offers a line of Breathable Crib Mattresses that do not contain ANY “fill,” unlike conventional or organic crib mattresses. The Sleep Surface is actually suspended over a bed of air. These revolutionary Breathable Crib mattresses allow a baby lying face down to freely breathe through her mattress. The sides (or base) of our crib mattresses have decorative openings that facilitate the flow of air. The air travels in and out of the side openings of the crib mattress and then up and down through the open- weave fabric channels of the crib mattress surface.

Recent testing conducted by both International SIDS/SUID experts and the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s accredited research scientists, prove air permeable crib mattresses and sleep surfaces are safer than crib mattresses containing fiber fill to prevent CO2 rebreathing and air way obstruction associated with asphyxia, suffocation, and SIDS incidences believed to be caused by “rebreathing.”

The data on the air permeable crib mattress by Secure Beginnings has been reviewed by several; pediatric sleep experts including Dr James Kemp, Co-Director of the Sleep Laboratory at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, neonatologists including Dr William Fox, Medical Director of the Infant Breathing Disorder Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; and physiologist Dr. Thomas H. Shaffer, Director of the Center for Pediatric Lung Research at Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children and all agree the data is sound and compelling. According to these professionals, the Secure Beginnings air permeable infant mattress significantly reduces the risk of rebreathing of CO2 when the infant rolls prone. This data supports earlier peer-reviewed publications demonstrating lower CO2 accumulation on air permeable mattresses when compared to fiber filled mattresses. The evidence is strong that air permeable mattresses are preferable to fiber-filled mattresses.

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