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Colgate Mattress Atlanta Corp

Colgate is known for producing the highest quality crib mattresses in the country. The company has received many industry awards and is proud to be among the first members of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.

Unlike many US manufacturing companies that have moved their production out of the United States, Colgate, from day one until today, 53 years later, has been manufacturing crib mattresses here in Atlanta, Georgia. Colgate is proud to be a US manufacturer located in the heart of the south. Millions throughout the United States have started their lives sleeping on crib mattresses manufactured by Colgate here in Atlanta. Sol Wolkin was recently heard saying “Anne and I never imagined our company becoming what it is today. We worked hard to make it grow into a fourth generation company. Hopefully, it will continue to grow.”

779 Fulton Terrace • Atlanta, Georgia 30316
Contact: Dennis Schuetz
Phone: (404) 681-2121
Fax: (404) 681-9918