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Pixel Modern Pieces

At Pixel Organics our mission is to leave tiny footprints on this planet while providing modern infant products that embrace color and innovative design. Pixel Organics is changing the question from “why organic? to ”why not organic!” We make decisions every day big and small. Choosing organic or recycled isn’t the easiest or most convenient, nor is doing the right thing. Pixel Organics has made that choice easy for you.

We take pride in knowing that the faces behind our products are being treated in a fair and ethical manner. All Pixel Organics products are made in the USA. There are no toxic chemicals used in growing our certified organic cotton. In fact, all of our products use exclusively organic, sustainable or regenerated fibers. We have done this so you can make better choices for your baby, home and planet.

PO Box 6158 • Torrence, California 90504
Phone: (800) 290-3812