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Suzanne Calton is the youngest of seven. Skoose is the nickname they gave her.
It was a fun name, familiar among all family members.

Family nicknames are a simple reminder “Nobody knows you like I do”, and because of that, “Nobody loves you like I do!”

Before the bonds of nicknames came the bond between Mother & Child. We encourage this connection with our Skoose 2in1 Nursing Cape.

The innovation behind the Skoose 2in1 came late one night at the kitchen table. The first Skoose 2in1 was sewn for April Waldron, a close friend, nicknamed Billy. Little did Suzanne know there were other moms out there waiting for such trendy and modern products.

In perfecting the Skoose 2in1, Suzanne required two things:

1 the Skoose had to be multi-functional;

2 the fabrics had to be fresh and modern, as to compliment the mother’s sense of style.

3547 Wonder Drive • Castle Rock, Colorado 80109
Contact: Suzanne Calton
Phone: (720) 628-6175


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