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Milk Trays™ are breast milk storage trays that freeze expressed breast milk in one-ounce servings eliminating waste common with nurser bags. Milk Trays™ give breastfeeding mothers the confidence in knowing that none of their breast milk will be wasted. Using Milk Trays™ allows breastfeeding mothers or their baby’s caregivers (dads, grandparents, day-cares, etc.) the ability to make each of baby’s bottles to order. Milk Sticks™, one-ounce frozen breast milk, will fit through any bottle opening . Unlike ice-cube trays, Milk Trays™ are specifically designed for expressed breast milk. Milk Trays™, a breast milk storage system, are made from not only FDA-approved plastic but medical-grade plastic as well and are safe for the environment. Milk Trays™ have a tight fitting lid and are flexible enough to allow Milk Sticks™ to come out easily. Milk Trays™ are also reusable and a great cost savings to breastfeeding mothers. Milk Trays™ are the best choice for breastfeeding mothers who might be returning to work or for the moms who are on the go!

PO Box 813 • Lithia, Florida 33547
Contact: Abi Merkle or Tobi Porter
Phone: (813) 309-8320
Fax: (813) 684-6414


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