Spa La La, Inc.

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Spa La La, Inc.

I started this company eleven years ago wanting to help people feel good. I discovered therapeutic herbal heat packs, which when heated in the microwave and placed around the body, would generate a warming sensation for those who have achy muscles from stress, or recovering from illness such as cancer or surgery.

As the years went by, I wanted to expand my “feel good” collection, and I created my second division to include luxurious high-end robes, spa wraps, and lounge wear for men, women and children. The collection consists of ever changing soft cuddly and luxurious fabrics feeling so wonderful to the skin and touch. This collection is designed for the pampered and sophisticated client in mind.

Once you wear one of my robes, or slip into my cuddly lounge wear, you won’t want to take it off.


21430 Strathern Street • Suite G • Canoga Park, California 91304
Contact: Edie Sullivan
Phone: (866) 723-6874
Local: (818) 346-0001
Fax: (818) 887-2163