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Squeak Me Shoes was conceived after my sister and her husband returned home from China in February of 2007 with their beautiful new daughter. With a heart for adoption, they were thrilled to bring their little girl home to her forever family. An adorable one year old, she was soon turning heads with her wardrobe of squeaky shoes.

My own little girl was soon wearing her cousin’s hand-me-downs, and friends and strangers alike would always ask where they could find those cute little shoes. Realizing the enthusiastic demand for such a product, my family and I were proud to launch Squeak Me Shoes in the summer of 2008.

As a pharmacist and a busy mother of three, I have seen firsthand the excitement created with the introduction of Squeak Me Shoes. Not only is it an adorable novelty, but it is a high quality, comfortable shoe as well. I’m sure you will have fun watching your little one wear their next pair of Squeak Me Shoes. I look forward to providing a portion of our profits in support of the adoption process and the many children still waiting for loving families of their own.

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