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Sweet Dream Tees Inc.

While Deborah Wardell has an eye for all that glitters, her heart is all about family. Sweet Dream Tees is designed to suit both of her loves. This single mother of 3, originally from Regina, Saskatchewan, always knew she wanted to be a mom but it seems her destiny to be a designer was also in her genes. Her mom had an artistic flair and her dad was a furrier. For Deborah that meant trips to Montreal, fashion shows and her very own couture line of furs for her Barbie dolls! While her family is no longer involved in the fur business, designing with enchanting and glamorous resources has always stayed with her.

Deborah went on to study elocution at both the University of Alberta and the University of Manitoba. Setting her sights on the West Coast, she moved to Vancouver where she worked as a speech therapist but more importantly her dreams of being a mom were realized. Deborah always enjoyed decorating and had a passion for all things creative but the twist of fate came when her 18 year old daughter asked for permission to get a tattoo in remembrance of a friend who had lost her battle with cancer. Knowing that you cannot say no to an 18 year old…… Deborah had a suggestion for her daughter that would be less permanent and better suited to her daughter’s ever changing ways. A tee, Deborah explained, can be taken off at night and switched for a new sentiment the very next day….without pain. Ultimately it was a win-win for both mother and daughter - one got her tattoo and the other now has a t-shirt line.
The process did begin and end on the family dining room table. Now, with the table being a little bigger, Dream Tees is still made by hand. The line has also expanded to include sweaters, pashminas and kids track suits. Each article is decorated with lush and rebelliously sexy artwork and embellished with authentic Swarovski Crystals to make those who wear them sparkle. Every item is lovingly detailed to make each a unique work of art.

While everyday has its own pinch me moment, be it an email from Sharon Stone, a hand written note from Jessica Alba or creating a special design for Nelson Mandella’s Aids Fundraiser - for Deborah the best part of her business is the fact that her family gets to be involved. Dream stands for Deborah, Rachel, Eva And Max and everyone contributes in their own distinct way. Eva, the youngest is in charge of quality control and somewhat the boss of the operation. Not afraid to speak her mind she is quick to give mom a thumbs up or down on a prospective design.

Hollywood has since gone gaga over Deborah’s designs. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith ordered matching long-sleeved ‘My Love” versions and Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart and little Liam are also fans. Other celebrity A lister fans include Halle Berry, Paris Hilton as well as a pint-sized Peter Pan top for Tinkerbell. Deborah loves to make everyone feel special and loved and pretty, all with a twinkle in her eye.

980 Hampshire Road • North Vancouver, British Columbia V7R 1V2
Contact: Deborah Wardell
Phone: (778) 773-6594