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Tess & Tallulah

Tess & Tallulah started truly, when I was taught how to sew and knit by my mother, Manya - a tradition handed down from woman to woman. This is where I developed my creative spirit and have always had the passion to create ever since.

Sewing, knitting, and designing clothing, invitations, note cards and such has always been a hobby for me - making gifts for friends and family. After having our first son, Jack, I began making practical things that I wanted to help make life a little easier with a baby.

Tess & Tallulah got its start at local craft shows where the demand became so great that I created this Web site.

I focus my attention to quality and detail while I strive to create original, practical and casually elegant clothing and accessories for children- they wash and wear easily, using only the finest tailoring and fabrics to recreate classic cuts that fit simply and effortlessly.

I strive daily to keep in perspective what is most important to me: treasuring each moment with my son, nurturing my relationship, celebrating my womanhood and cherishing my family and friends, while honoring and respecting the world around me. We live on Cape Cod and are planning to add to our family - possibly with twin girls, Tess & Tallulah.

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