Undercover Mama

Make ANY Shirt a Nursing Shirt!

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Undercover Mama

An affordable and convenient nursing wardrobe solution!!!

Undercover Mama functions as an undershirt, keeping your back, sides and belly covered as you nurse. It has no straps and attaches directly to the outer flaps of any top-opening nursing bra. Undercover Mama remains attached while in use. You will feel like you are wearing a regular cami under you shirt, but when you need to nurse you still just have to undo the flap on your bra and Undercover Mama opens with it- No extra flaps or hooks to deal with each time.

Undercover Mama’s generous length make them great to layer under your shirts and allow you to nurse comfortably.

2826 Morgan dr • Salt Lake City, Utah 84124
Contact: Elena Leppard
Phone: (801) 671-4510