Victoria Staten

Sophisticated baby gear for grown-up environments

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Victoria Staten

Following a 15 year career at Nordstrom, Dayton-Hudson, and most recently as Group Vice President for Kenneth Cole Productions, Victoria believed that it was time to start a company that could make the kind of baby gear that moms like her would prefer to purchase. Her prior success fueled her desire to build a company that will change the face of how baby products are designed, marketed and distributed across the globe.

Her goal is to provide consumers with products that are made using environmentally friendly materials in ethical factories, while combining superior functionality with a sense of style uniquely attuned to each consumer’s lifestyle.

The company expects to contribute a portion of its after-tax profits to Native American organizations ranging from the Navajoland Entrepreneur Association and those committed to helping children reach their full potential to Natïve Visions and organizations committed to saving their Native culture and Mother Earth.

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