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Z2 Wear (“Z Square Wear”) began its journey with a passion to provide comfortable and fashion-driven apparel for girls. The guiding vision is to design youth-appropriate styles for girls that enhance their confidence, natural and innocent beauty . . . while celebrating their free spirits, hopes and dreams still to come true!

Z2 Wear Celebrates the Tween Times of Their Lives!

Z2 Wear’s clasic silhouettes are timeless and can influence a tween girl’s developing confidence, personal pride, and emerging sense of self worth. Z2Wear supports a pre-teen’s feminine world through an age-inspired, fun collection that girls will enjoy during the best moments of their now.

Women look back with fond nostalgia for the favorite clothes of their early years. Z2 Wear helps make lasting impressions during the dawn of becoming shining young ladies. The tween years develop a girl’s personal sense of style that can be a postive influence on the adults they will become soon enough. Z2Wear clothes never rush a tween’s maturity or promote a look beyond her years.

Introducing the Z2 Elite Collection by Johnetta Boone

The Z2 wear girl has her own little twinkle before she truly shines! The new Elite Collection takes inspiration from that belief. The made-inthe U.S.A wardrobe includes scarves, hats, skirts, dresses, jumpers and accessories, including the brand’s exclusive Z2 Sack that goes with everything!

Johnetta Boone has spent decades building images for fashion editorial and film. She has outfitted celebrities and realized that her passion for fashion can be a positive influence on the way girls see and feel about themselves.

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