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Elegant Baby is proud to announce a few of the new products from its 2010 line!

EB has expanded their line of popular baby socks! Whether you’re looking for singles (MSRP $9), three packs (MSRP $16) or six packs (MSRP $25), they’ve got you covered. The new Sock Shop features adorable little socks made from 100% organic cotton and featuring every style imaginable: stars, dots, Mary Janes, sneakers, deck shoes, pastels, brights, stripes, argyle, leopard print and the list goes on. Check out the amazing selection today.

Contact: Elegant Baby / (336) 227-6202

Bubbles & Company offers an assortment of unique hair accessory organizers, the easy way to keep track of the many bows little girls collect … without pulling one’s hair out! Each design is hand-painted by a group of talented designers and artists in the USA. If you’re looking for a useful, practical, yet artistic new product to add to your shop, this has the universal appeal and impulse-buy power to build sales! Put these new bow holders on display in your store and, well, they just might be “hair today and gone tomorrow!”

Contact: The Treehouse Showroom / (213) 688-8377

This year we are focusing on 16 select designs for our garment sets which include onesies, tanks, diaper covers, blankets, and pillows. Check out our awesome new designs for this year the “Rock Star Guitar” and “Rock Diva”. We are really excited about these two designs. We also have ornaments that will match the 16 garment designs. Check us out at the shows for more details: AmericasMart Atlanta, NY Baby & Kids @ 7W, Dallas Market Center, and LA Mart.

Light of Mine Designs offers great sets in your favorite designs. We offer one-pieces, tanks, diaper covers, pillows, blankets and ornaments with an adorable design for little boys and girls. Also we have great t-shirt or tank combinations with very cute tutus for that little girly girl. Check us out at Americas Mart Atlanta, NY Baby & Kids, Dallas Market Center, and LA Mart!

Contact: Amy Calandra Davis (Owner) / (434) 528-5565

Once upon a time, children’s parties required only the basics… a few party games, some sweet treats, and kids ready for a good time. While fun and games still remain the focus, modern parties have evolved to include everything from pony rides and magicians to swag-heavy party bags! At The Giggle Guide®, we’d like to highlight some creative activity products that can help make a party memorable and meaningful, without touching the college fund. Check out these great options from Fresko’s Nuvo-Group, Makeit Products, MyDesign, and Minui. They’re perfect for a sleepover, birthday, holiday, or “rainy-day” celebration.

Fairytale Wishes offers aromatherapy sprays in four different scents, all with the purpose to soothe a child’s worries away. If a child is having trouble sleeping, a little spray of “Sweet Dreams” on the pillow at bed time can help. The calming lavender scent helps promote sleep.

Contact: The Treehouse Showroom / (213) 688-8377

Baby’s Language offers the cutest clothing for multiples. Retailers love the unique designs and sayings this collection offers. Some of the most popular items include the “tw in”, and “1 of 2, 2 of 2” gift sets. Double your pleasure, triple your treats with all the latest styles found at The Treehouse Showroom 213-688-8377.

Contact: The Treehouse Showroom / (213) 688-8377

What’s for dinner?” is a common question uttered nightly by children with rumbling tummies. Savvy parents know that encouraging kids to help out in the kitchen is a great way to bond as a family and teach children about good food! Today there are several products available that take children from a “make-believe” kitchen to actually making delicious meals of their own. The Giggle Guide® presents Sassafras, Growing Cooks and Dressing Up Dishes… a hot three-course meal of cooking sets and activities designed especially for children. Bon appetite!

Jan Brett’s beloved children’s story, The Hat, chronicles a day in the life of an amusing hedgehog that pokes his nose into a knit sock and finds himself stuck. Wandering around the farmyard, he begins to view his hat as highly fashionable and important protection against the chilly air. His barnyard friends poke fun at his new look, but are soon drawn to the thought of wearing a hat themselves.

Laugh. Love. Baby.

Beba Bean brings laughter, love and something memorable for baby to Circle Showroom in NYC!

Vancouver, BC (October 20th, 2009) Beba Bean Designs, Inc., a manufacturer of innovative baby products that babies love and parents can’t live without, invites you to view their collection in person at Circle Showroom in New York.

Contact: Tianna Jensen / (604) 552-7741
Media Inquiry: Tianna Jensen / (604) 552-7741

The newest trends in children’s apparel, accessories and other products for Spring 2010 are showcased at the ENK Children’s Club at the Javits Center, NYC, October 2-4, 2009. Here’s a peek at what’s new from these first-time ENK exhibitors: Mini Rotation, So Nikki, Inc., Kimberly House, Fernella’s Jools and 4 Funky Flavours.

Huggalugs is delighted to now offer gift sets! Two coodinated pairs of leg huggers are packaged in our star gift box and tied with pretty satin ribbon. Choose from 8 whimisical combinations.

Contact: Carol Lavinthal US & Canada / 425-868-3195