Bringing the Party Home

Minui - CreaLamp

Once upon a time, children’s parties required only the basics… a few party games, some sweet treats, and kids ready for a good time. While fun and games still remain the focus, modern parties have evolved to include everything from pony rides and magicians to swag-heavy party bags! At The Giggle Guide®, we’d like to highlight some creative activity products that can help make a party memorable and meaningful, without touching the college fund. Check out these great options from Fresko’s Nuvo-Group, Makeit Products, MyDesign, and Minui. They’re perfect for a sleepover, birthday, holiday, or “rainy-day” celebration.

Fresko is a Party House!

Fresko Play House
Fresko Play House is a party activity that provides lasting fun, even after the party’s over. Each sturdy cardboard formed creation becomes a three-dimensional world in which children’s imaginations soar. Kids can decorate The Fresko themselves, with paints, crayons and markers. Building and adorning a freestanding playhouse, apple tree, or dog with dog house is a fantastic activity that ensures a fun, creative way to fill the gap between “Welcome to the party” and “Thanks for coming!” Parents love that each Fresko creation gives their little Michelangelo a terrific memento of a special day that provides long-term enjoyment.

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Making Lasting Memories with Make-A-Plate

Makit Products - Make-A-Plate
Makit Products has been making memories for nearly four decades by preserving precious artwork, one plate at a time. Make-A-Plate® Kits are a safe, practical and enjoyable way to capture the imagination of young artists in a usable product that is dishwasher safe and break resistant. Make-A-Plate Mini Kits have enough templates for any special project, including a fun party activity and party favor. Each kit contains thirty drawing templates, 1 pack of Crayola markers, one order form, one pre-addressed return envelope, one instruction sheet and one expedited shipping label.

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MyDesign Offers Footwearable Art!

MyDesign Offers Footwearable Art!
As kids get older, it can be challenging to find activities that are “cool enough” to pass the party committee’s standards. MyDesign paintable boots and clogs are acceptable fun for everyone! Children and teens have a blast with this innovative, educational kit that enhances creativity and imagination.

Kids not only create their own footwear fashions, but can re-create them often. A top-secret combination of non-toxic paint and specially treated rubber is amazingly waterproof, so paint stays fast until wiped with the included “magic” eraser pad.

Each kit includes everything needed to design a pair of boots or clogs. MyDesign, with its accurate sizing and versatility, is a step in the right direction for parties or individual crafting.

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Put a Spotlight on Party Activities!

Minui - CreaLamp
Minui products are known for their excellent functionality, simple designs, high quality and safety. This dedication is continued with their newest design called CreaLamp which puts a spot light on a child’s creative development. Getting the party started for children of all ages is as simple as bringing kids some paper and a handful of markers now that CreaLamp is on board! The entire party crew can develop a co-operative picture, or can branch off into individual creations which can be displayed between the two transparent panels of the patented Danish lamp which illuminates artistic creations with ease. The CE approved lamp is freestanding, but can also be mounted on a wall. The shape of the lamp housing facilitates easy positioning of the lamp, both vertically and horizontally, and requires a standard 40 watt bulb.

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