A Splashing Good Time


Dirty Knees, soiled hands, smudgy noses, and ears you could grow potatoes in — just a few of the many reasons to make a child’s bath time a daily habit. There isn’t a parent on the planet that can avoid its necessity, and there isn’t a child that doesn’t benefit from its soothing properties. Starting from birth, the sound of warm water running into a bathtub is a ritual that wiggly babies and splashy toddlers learn to love; and whether the bath is filled with bouncy bubbles, calming essential oils, or just plain old H2O, all children want to add fun to bath time!

Elegant Baby - Baby Bath Bucket Set-Dolphin
Today, it is more possible than ever to provide mental stimulation in the form of fun and parents know that the precious moments they spend with their child in the bath are moments that will be cherished for life. These fun-filled opportunities take us away from the pressures of the modern world offering space for children and parents to connect, laugh, and learn from each other.

At The Giggle Guide®, we take those golden opportunities for fun and bonding very seriously, which is why we search the globe for toy makers that have come up with options that today’s parent will make tomorrow’s tradition. With toy creators like Elegant Baby, Hoppop, and Boogaloo, bath time has become more than a way to get rid of the dirt between a toddlers toes, it has become a time for engagement, laughter and memories. From the simplicity of yesterday’s rubber ducky, to the innovative toys of today, we have a selection of bath time fun that is sure to launch happy children to the tub again and again!

Elegant Baby — Adding More Than Just Ducky to the Bath Pond

Elegant Baby - Baby Bath Hippo Set
The creative people at Elegant Baby have expanded on the theme of Ernie’s rubber ducky with their fun loving Baby Bath Sets. Each Baby Bath set includes a thematic soap dish, three squirties and two floaties for a retail price of $12.

These adorable sets come in a fun assortment of animals and colors: Pink Mama hippopotamus floats easily with her three squirting baby hippos, Green Frog parties with his three baby froggies, Classic rubber ducky floats easily with her sassy ducklings perched on her back, and for extended fun, the larger sized Dolphin Baby Bath set includes a cheerful dolphin terry bath mitt, a sponge, a blue dolphin soap dish with baby dolphin squirters presented in a cheerful, blue tin bucket for a retail price of $26.

For more information, visit www.elegantbaby.com

Hoppop — A Water World of Fun

hoppop bath set
Hoppop clearly isn’t being limited to tradition with the aesthetically pleasing lines and curves found on their Pipla bath toy sets. These cheerfully colored and softly curving forms provide shape for the imagination to flow freely as they are stuck to the walls of the bath tub or tile surround. The smooth shapes float freely in water, and fit together in a flowing puzzle with no end or beginning.

Available in Trendy or Multi colors, Pipla bath sets are complimented by the endless pouring and stacking possibilities of the Triplo bath toy. Triplo bath toys feature a hip design that reveals a creative pouring toy that offers hours of water fun that the bath or sea will be happy to oblige. The Triplo offers fun-filled combinations that ensure the imaginations of children will be free to run wild.

For more information, visit www.hoppop.eu

Boogaloo — Good, Clean Fun-Loving Learning!

Boogaloo prides itself on being innovative, creating products for children that are not simply copy cat versions of old school toys; this pride is well founded because combining fun with creativity is exactly what they do with their beautiful and playful bath Appliqués!

Twelve colorful, non-toxic, jungle appliqués stick to the bath or tile when wet, teaching children about animals in the most effective way possible—fun! Boogaloo also offers fun-filled bath pals like Swirly Seahorse and Octobuddy which offer babies and toddlers opportunities to learn from cause and effect with laughable results. Interactive water-proof books, adorable bath puppets and a bath time jungle station enriched with learning activities all point to Boogaloo as experts in turning bath time into a journey of splash-happy learning fun!

For more information, visit www.boogaloo-toys.com

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