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Is anything more desirable to new parents than a full night’s sleep? Parents are always looking for ways to enjoy a restful night for themselves and their children. The Sandman seems to be catching a few more zzz’s himself, since innovations in children’s sleep products have more families nodding off peacefully! Help your weary customers get the blissful shut-eye of their dreams with soothing products from sleep specialists SwaddleDesigns, Cloud B, Good Nite Lite, and The Gro Company.

SwaddleDesigns Calms, Soothes and Comforts Babies

SwaddleDesigns offers a huge selection of swaddle blankets in a wide range of cozy fabrics and chic patterns. Swaddling is a well-established practice to get infants to settle and drift off to sleep. SwaddleDesigns makes swaddling easy and practical with a great design, simple instructions, and a wide range of fabrics. Unlike most baby blankets on the market, the generously sized 42”x42” Ultimate Receiving Blanket is large enough to grow with baby for several months. This swaddling blanket is also perfect for tummy time and makes a wonderful nursing cover-up.

The SwaddleDesigns collection includes three comfort-zone blankets to make sure baby’s temperature is just right. SwaddleDesigns emphasizes that babies shouldn’t be too cold or too hot, especially when sleeping. The Marquisette Blanket is perfect for warmer climates or for summer babies. This breathable blanket is made of woven cotton that is super lightweight and cuddly soft. The Ultimate Receiving Blanket is great for colder temperatures, with durable cotton flannel — the same fabric used and trusted by hospitals. The Organic Swaddle Blanket is made with lightweight, 100% organic cotton.

Each blanket from SwaddleDesigns includes helpful 1-2-3 swaddle instructions, complete with a diagram sewn into the hem. The wide range of contemporary patterns include mod circles, polka dots, and paisley all in chocolate brown, pastels, and cheetah prints.

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Count on Cloud B for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Cloud B
Cloud B specializes in an extensive line of innovative sleep-aid products, backed by an advisory board of pediatricians and specialists. Each item is carefully designed and manufactured for safety and effectiveness. The need for a good night’s sleep that is safe and sound is well established, and Cloud B takes its job seriously.

Effectiveness and style are key components to every Cloud B product. Several of the products have earned awards including the Sleep Sheep, which won the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and was featured on The Early Show. The Sleep Sheep is a plush lamb that recreates four soothing sounds to lull baby to sleep, including a mother’s heartbeat, spring showers, ocean waves and whale songs. The Sleep Sheep can be attached with Velcro to the outside of the crib for safety, and other adorable animals are available in the the Sleep Sheep Friends collection.

The newest additions to the Sleep Sheep and Friends line are the Cloud B Aroma Pillows. These pillows fold up to look like a huggable animal with plush head and feet and unfold to a pediatrician-recommended sized pillow. The soft pillowcase is removable and made with hypoallergenic and machine-washable bamboo. Each pillow includes a removable sleep-inducing aroma pack.

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Good Nite Lite Helps Kids Rest Longer

Good Nite Lite
Getting kids to sleep is only half the battle. Even kids who fall asleep easily at night have the tendency to wake up well before the sun, and more importantly, before mom and dad! The Good Nite Lite is a new product that is designed to give even the smallest children a visual cue for when it’s time for sleep and time to wake up. The Good Nite Lite allows parents to teach children how to stay in bed, and hopefully asleep longer. This device is perfect for preschoolers or toddlers looking for ways to exert their independence.

Kids love the Good Nite Lite’s joyful design with its friendly smiling faces for both the moon and sun! The six-inch diameter night light hangs on the wall like a clock and illuminates a sun during awake time and a moon during sleep time. The lighting is patterned after natural body rhythms to teach children when their bodies should be at rest. The moon glows an ambient blue that is bright enough to be used as a nightlight, but dim enough to induce natural sleep.

The Good Nite Lite also includes a timer which can be set by parents to determine how long the child should sleep. Behavior modification techniques can be used to teach children to sleep for longer periods by gradually increasing the time for sleep.

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The Gro Company Works for the Love of Sleep

The Gro Company
The Gro Company is devoted to offering parents new and helpful tools to get little ones to sleep. As parents who struggled with a sleepless child, the Gro Company’s founders’ slogan is, “For the Love of Sleep.” The line that started with the Grobag sleep sack has introduced the new Gro-egg.

The Gro-egg is a room thermometer with a sleek design. The portable Gro-egg can be placed on a bedside table and shows a digital reading of the room temperature. Many parents of infants and even older children want to ensure that bedrooms are not too hot or cold. As recommendations mount to limit blankets and pillows in bedding, it becomes more important to keep the room temperature stable.

The Gro-egg eliminates guesswork in a stylish and functional design. In addition to the digital thermometer reading, the Gro-egg illuminates an ambient glow to indicate if the room is too cold, too hot, or just right. The Gro-egg glows blue for a cold room, red for hot, and yellow for comfortable. Parents can easily adjust the thermostat or the child’s bedding to account for the room temperature.

This product is especially helpful for premature or low birth-weight babies who may need help staying warm. The ambient glow is also a convenient night-light for children of any age.

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