What's Snooze for Slumber Parties?


For youngsters, nothing’s more exciting than a sleepover with their best friends. Pajama parties are a timeless tradition, and sleepover supplies are always in demand, so why not revitalize tired sales with some up-to-the-minute slumber party products? The Giggle Guide® is here to help with some super stocking suggestions! For little ones longing for the hippest, coziest pajamas, New Jammies are a dream come true. Imaginations run wild with fun craft activities by Janlynn. Mint sports posh backpacks, duffel bags, and travel pillows for the night away from home, and kids will want to pack some classic clothing from Olive Juice for playtime the next morning.

New Jammies Helps Kids Sleep Safe and Sound

New Jammies
Nicole Johnson, creator of New Jammies, feels passionately about providing chemical and toxin-free clothing for children. Her enthusiasm for science led her to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Organic Chemistry; however, after working as a chemist for eight years, she decided she would rather prevent chemical exposure instead of study it.

Along with educating parents and children about environmentally responsible choices in clothing, this New Jersey native also works hard to promote green living, healthy eating and constructive play. It is little wonder then, that the New Jammies’ motto is, “Eat Right, Play Right, Sleep Tight.” Johnson helps parents teach their children to do all three.

The sleepwear, footies, rompers, and one-pieces are all made from 100% organic cotton and are patterned with fruits, vegetables, animals, and popular sports themes (like swimming, biking, and golf). Footies, such as the Ever-Green Peace Snuggly PJ (in pink or blue) are $33.00 MSRP, while rompers, like the Wheels on My Bike Barefoot Romper, are $29.00. Other favorites include the Night Owls Snuggly PJ ($33), Blueberry Jammies ($33), and Swim Like a Fish Jammies (sale price $14.00). Best of all, free shipping is provided for orders over $100.

To awaken your sleepwear sales, rest assured with www.newjammies.com

Arts and Crafts with Janlynn

Both a family business and a global craft supplier with products in high demand, the Janlynn Corporation employs 75 full-time employees, and over sixty additional designers to their already large in-house design staff; needless to say, new product development is integral to their business and they have yet to let that ball drop.

Janlynn’s kids’ crafts provide innovative activities for all occasions, including slumber parties. A hot sale item is the company’s Pillowcase Art, which can be purchased as a single project ($5.00) or as an 8-piece party set ($13.50). Pillowcase Art allows kids to decorate their pillow cases with characters from Finding Nemo, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, Winnie the Pooh, Hannah Montana, Disney Princesses, Cars, Tinkerbell, Wall-E, High School Musical and the Chronicles of Narnia.

Janlynn’s other crafts include (but are certainly not limited to) a vast array of friendship bracelet making kits and supplies, string art, U-Paint-It piggy banks, and sock monkeys kids can make themselves.

Activity kits are crowd pleasers at www.Janlynn.com

Mint Packs a Punch in Bag Gear

Meet Christi Chittim, the creative director and co-owner of Mint. Twelve years back, Christi and her husband Jimmy headed to Texas from Chicago to help Jimmy’s mother, Joy, with the original family business, Flying Circle Bags. While Jimmy worked in FCB, Christi took over the task of creating a children’s line. She gathered ideas, employees and subsequently, came up with Mint. Over the last decade, Christi and her dream team in Texas have created and sold top-quality bags, backpacks, totes, pillows, and more, which can also be personalized.

Mint’s backpack selection is perfect for slumber parties, because girls and boys require a bag to carry their toothbrush and pajamas in, and why not pack in style? Mint’s small and medium backpacks can carry everything from mp3 players to action figures. The medium backpacks have a bit more room for school supplies and come with a lunch box as an added bonus. As for styles, the backpacks are available in over 20 choices, including pink cheetah, lime polka dots, hot pink zebra, camo, chocolate bloom, lilac, navy, and grassy green.

Kids have got a brand new bag at www.ohmint.com

Lots to Love from Olive Juice

Olive Juice
Olive Juice, cleverly named for how when spoken the phrase sounds like, “I love you,” has just released their Back-to-School clothing line. The fresh designs for this exciting new line were inspired by the fashion and streets of Paris.

Olive Juice proudly sells “classic” children’s clothing, and there is no other word that so perfectly describes their line. The colors for both boys and girls apparel are block colors, often pastels or dark fall colors, like brick red, navy blue, and leaf brown. For the clothes that are not monotone, they are artfully and subtly patterned with stripes. The clothing relies on the staples of everyday wear — such as turtlenecks, sweaters, blouses, jumpers, coats, underclothes, coveralls, leggings, vests, polos, jeans, skirts and dresses of all sorts.

For girls, the Andrea Coveralls ($19.95 MSRP) are charming, as is the Buttercup Blouse ($27.95). For boys, the Red Marin Tee, ($22.95) and the Sweater Tee, ($37.95) are perfect examples of the poise and sophistication exemplified in Olive Juice’s collection. If that wasn’t enough, Olive Juice also sells scarves, coats, hats, swim wear, berets, play tutus, and children’s books which encourage cultural and global awareness.

Share the love at www.olivejuicekids.com

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