Boogeymen and Monsters Stay Away from These Night Lights!

Boon, Inc. - Glo Light

Easing a child’s fears of the dark is one of the toughest challenges many parents face. Night terror disrupts the entire household and can be extremely difficult to overcome. Creating a peaceful bedtime ritual that allays these fears is easier with products that shed some light onto the problem and induce sweet dreams. Scary monsters don’t dare stick so much as one treacherous claw out of the closet when luminous night lights from Cloud B, Heritage Mint, Boon, Inc., and Pink Magnolia cast their protective spell over a room!

Twilight Turtle is a Stellar Night Light!

Cloud B - Twilight Turtle
Cloud B’s award-winning Twilight Turtle is a fun, furry night light for all ages. The gentle glow soothes and lulls toddlers to sleep. Then, as they get older, the adorable turtle can also be used as an educational toy. Budding astronomers will especially appreciate how the Twilight Turtle’s plastic shell transforms their bedroom into a planetarium, shining eight constellations, such as The Big Dipper, onto the ceilings and walls in a choice of blue, green or amber light.

Parents can go to bed and rest peacefully knowing that the Twilight Turtle’s automatic shut off will activate once the household is asleep. Purchase includes a copy of the Twilight Turtle story and an adoption certificate. The 14-inch long and five-inch tall turtle comes with three AAA batteries and an illustrated Star Guide. The Twilight Turtle has been awarded with The National Parenting Center Seal Of Approval, and was the 2006 Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice, an iParenting Award Winner, and a Baby Talk Editor’s Choice.

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Heritage Mint Has Huggable Animal Lights for Tots

Giimmo - Sparky The Schnauzer
Both parents and tots will love the portable,

Giimmo Magic Lights from Heritage Mint that are made for snuggling. These velvety-soft night lights emit all the colors of the rainbow in a soothing glow of rotating hues.

Giimmo Magic Lights are offered in the form of 12 different animals, including four breeds of dog, a panda, dinosaur, duck, rabbit, frog and bear. Each adorable night light has a name and story attached. Some of the characters, such as the Sparky the Schnauzer, have personalities that do even more to help children feel safe at night. This pooch has amazing hearing. As the claim states, “The softest sounds of danger cannot escape his ears. His amazing senses often let him rescue people in trouble.”

Each Giimmo Magic Light measures 3” x 3” x 5”. They are made of super-soft milky white PVC. The legs, arms and ears can be adjusted, allowing different poses. Each animal’s “rainbow heart” comes from a revolving LED light inside and is easily turned on or off with a gentle tap. Giimmo Magic Lights are AC rechargeable (the charger is included).

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Catch On to Boon’s Glo Balls!

Boon, Inc. - Glo Light
Bedtime becomes something to look forward to when it means a chance to play with Boon, Inc.’s Glo color changing night light with portable glowing balls. The removable balls glow red, orange, yellow, green, blue or pink with the switch of a lever. Glo balls can be plucked right out of their base and tossed for a bedtime game of catch or tucked into bed with the child.

The balls don’t require charging and don’t have anything electronic inside that would cause them to get hot or break. The glow will fade after 30 minutes. Parents can rest assured about the safety of this unique night light system as they are BPA, Phthalate and PVC free. The low energy LED white base comes with a 9-volt power adapter. It measures 8.2” x 8.5” x 9.8”. The manufacturer has a wonderful tongue-in-cheek claim that the bonus in buying these fun-filled Glo lights is that they are 95% effective in keeping monsters away all night!

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Nighty Night Nursing Light Has a Soft Spot for Mother and Child

Pink Magnolia - Night Night Nursing Light
Mothers who nurse need as relaxing an environment as possible. Stress can make nursing difficult or even impossible for both the mother and the infant. The Nighty Night Nursing Light by Pink Magnolia gently simplifies nighttime feedings, making it safer and easier without disturbing the baby or the rest of the house.

New mothers especially appreciate the softness of the glow emitting from the nursing light. It allows mothers to position the baby correctly to ensure the infant latches on successfully, which is sometimes half the battle.

In fact, sleepy mothers can stay in bed and nurse because the night nursing light softly illuminates the nursing process. Mom can even drift off while feeding her infant because the light has an adjustable timer and optional vibrating alarm that wakes her when the feeding is over, leading to a safer nursing experience. In addition, the light clips on as a reminder of which side baby fed from last.

A simple push on the star turns the light on and the timer and alarm are just as easy to set. The light requires 2 AAA batteries (not included).

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