Some Firsts in Child Safety


“Safety first!” is a caution that retailers cannot share with their new family customers often enough. Baby-proofing continues to be an important category. The Giggle Guide® explores some unique designs in baby safety products. Safety gates are a must in most homes, and Gatekeepers models come in wood or paint options to match existing décor. Mommy’s Helper carries every kind of safety gear, with stylish and simple solutions. Safety is not only a concern during waking hours — parents need reassurance that their children are safe sleepers too. The SafeToSleep breathing monitor and the Heaven Sent crib mattress by Secure Beginnings are two options.

Gatekeepers Provides Musts for Safety

It’s among a new parent’s fears: their little bundle of joy takes a tumble down the stairs. Parents can help reduce the risk of falls and keep their children safe with a Gatekeepers Baby Gate. Gatekeepers provides peace of mind by offering strong, reliable safety gates customized to fit and match existing home décor. Some of the stylish gates on the market have to be nailed or screwed in to a wall or fixture, but Gatekeepers’ are designed to be easily removable. Beautiful options include maple, oak or cherry woods and an array of Sherwin Williams stain or paint colors.

The most popular baby gate offered by Gatekeepers is the Swing Gate for high-traffic areas such as the top and bottom of stairways. Each gate offers custom fit, minimally invasive hardware, unique latches that are simple for adults while still being childproof, and an innovative slide rail system that allows for easy removal. All gates are ASTM performance tested, safe for both top and bottom of the stairs.

Beyond stairs, Gatekeepers offer baby-proofing throughout the house. Their offerings include deck gates, folding room dividers, and fireplace barriers.

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Mommy’s Helper Helps Her Keep a Home Safe

Mommy's Helper
To further ensure that your customers keep their lives ER-visit free, stock products from Mommy’s Helper, Inc. Their motto, “Helping Mom is Our Business”, is not just part of their logo — it’s what the company is all about. For parents worried about corners, Soft Edge Guards help shield young children from hard angles on tables, corners and even the hearth.

Parents can give their babies a stress-free bath with help from Mommy’s Helper products such as Tub-Water Temps. The non-slip surface helps reduce risk of falls, and the lines on temperature-sensitive duckies change color when the water gets too hot.

Mommy’s Helper even takes electrical protection to the next level with Safe-Plate Automatic Outlet Covers that slide into position the moment you remove a plug from the outlet.

There’s no need to worry about doors, with Door Knob Covers that spin loosely around the door knob when a child tries to turn it. They also have a Lock-Guard feature that protects against accidental lock-outs. Perhaps the cutest safety device is the Panda Door Pinch Guard. It protects against pinched fingers from slamming doors and the panda’s head even acts as a doorstop.

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SafeToSleep Helps Ensure a Good Night

Checking a baby’s breathing obsessively is the habit of many new parents. Even when the baby starts sleeping through the night, it’s rare that parents do. SafeToSleep™ Breathing Monitor to the rescue! Inventors Ryan and Pete Santangelo are both parents of two kids and have extensive experience in the tech business. They developed a product designed to provide infant safety and parental assurance. The product monitors the breath rate of a sleeping baby and an alarm notifies the parent or caregiver when the baby’s breath rate slows.

The baby is placed on the SleepMat™ that connects to a smartphone or Parent Unit. The patent-pending BreathOptics™ technology detects every inhale and exhale of the sleeping baby and generates a breath wave, which is streamed to the smartphone via BreathScope™. If the BreathTrend™ encounters an irregular breathing event, the SafeToSleep monitor will sound an alarm and send it to the smartphone or parent unit.

The SafeToSleep monitor also features a SleepLog™ that generates reports on baby’s sleep time and sleep quality, so parents know exactly how much sleep the baby is getting each day and night.

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Heaven Sent Mattress is a Breath of Fresh Air

Secure Beginnings
Secure Beginnings, LLC, is the designer of the Heaven Sent mattress that replaces conventional crib mattresses. After a close friend lost a child to SIDS, creator Kelly Obriot turned his attention to developing a safer infant sleep surface that reduces the potential to breathe harmful levels of carbon dioxide. He also incorporated a passive airflow design in the sleep surface to maintain a stable temperature.

Kelly then met Julie, who lost a niece to SIDS. She used her interior design experience to make the mattress nursery-friendly with eye-catching colors and designs. She also made sure that the mattresses fit all standard cribs. Babies and parents alike can breathe easy knowing the products are manufactured and assembled in the United States and are dedicated to using earth-friendly components and production methods.

Not only does this crib mattress allow a baby to breathe freely through the surface, it addresses a multitude of other concerns about traditional and organic crib mattresses, including bacteria build-up, chemicals, and sanitary issues. Heaven Sent sleep surfaces can be easily removed and laundered in a washer and dryer, providing a more comfortable and sanitary sleeping environment for baby.

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