American Dreams Made In The U.S.A.

Mood Lights

It’s encouraging to see companies manufacturing their products in the U.S.A. Today, consumers are more conscious and making a real effort to buy from manufacturers that produce their products in America. Buying North American products is a great way to support the companies that are providing jobs and opportunity to homeland workers. Sweet Spud, Bambino Burper, Mood Lights and Winsome Fragrance Co. are some U.S.A.-based companies that are producing innovative products and supporting the American economy.

Sweet Spud Mashes Natural Graphics and Inspiration

Sweet Spud
Sweet Spud produces children’s apparel that spreads messages of love, peace and enlightenment in an earth-friendly fashion. Employing only fair labor, their inspiring collection is made in the United States and is consciously crafted of Certified Organic Cotton. Every facet of their line is eco-friendly, from the recycled hangtags to the water-based inks. Starting with the soil and ending with the shelf, Sweet Spud is true to the Earth.

Sweet Spud’s inspiring, unique line of baby clothing combines enlightened quotes and refreshing, sweet graphics that are not found in typical infant apparel. 100% Certified Cotton, long sleeve and short sleeve bodysuits are cute and comfortable. Their best-selling romper designs are the Tree –– “My life is my message”, featuring the Ghandi quote with an earthy tree graphic; and the Giraffe –– “Where there is love, there is life”, featuring a Ghandi quote and two giraffes that form a heart to capture the eye and warm the soul. A brand new design is the Owl — “Wisdom begins in wonder”, which includes the Socrates quote and whimsical graphic owl perched upon a tree branch.

Color-coordinating cozy yoga pants, knot caps and even toddler tees featuring inspiring quotes round out their clothing line.

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Bambino Burper is Drool Worthy

Bambino Burp
A mother of two preschool boys, Rachel Ferguson came up with the idea for the Bambino Burper last year. Even though her boys were well past the burping stage, she had many nieces and nephews who were masters of spitting up. After one too many times scrubbing formula off her shirt due to the failure of typical burp cloths, she knew there had to be something that offered more coverage and stayed in place.

After spending hours scouring the web, Googling, even searching through Pinterest, Rachel came up empty. The realization of the need for a product like this fueled her to come up with a solution for parents. Wasting no time, she talked with girlfriends who felt the product would be a hit and so she made the very first burper prototype that night before even thinking of going to bed.

Rachel designed the Bambino Burper to wrap completely around the neck and across the back. This style prevents baby from just pulling the cloth off a parent’s shoulder. The Bambino Burper stays secure even on busy parents who are moving around, bending and stretching. The double-sided burper features a stylish cotton side and a soft, absorbent terry cloth side. The Chevron Print and the Owl design are two of the best-selling burpers. Rachel recently added new styles, including a chic mustache design that is bound to be popular.

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Mood Lights Art Glows from Within

Mood Lights
Felicia Renaud, a self-taught artist, has been creating her unique form of art for over 13 years. Felicia’s art has been exhibited all over the country at locations that range from art shows and boutiques to museums and television talk shows. Her Mood Lights were inspired from the feeling of light that shines within her; and through the use of various colors, the lights help to bring about desired emotions. While the tools she uses to create this art are a simple painter’s brush and paint, the finished pieces come to life from the energy and light that permeate from the colors and design.

Felicia paints her creations on long-life, low-energy light bulbs. The effect is similar to that of stained glass, as the designs and colors of the bulb naturally project on to surrounding surfaces. This creates the illusion that the surface itself is painted. The walls and the shades appear like a canvas for her art.

Each piece of art is inspired by an emotion that stems from within the artist’s soul and connects to the universe through her imagination. She begins the process with a clear 25-watt, standard base light bulb, and then free-hands her design onto the surface of the bulb using water based, nontoxic ink.

The image is then detailed using a quality brush to apply acrylic paint that is specially formulated to withstand the heat from the bulb. The bulb is then cured using a proprietary process that enables the art piece to withstand fading and ensure durability over time. The finished product is carefully packaged in recycled boxes.

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Winsome Fragrance is a Winning Story

Winsome Fragrance Co.
Mary Vail began her business manufacturing products for children after the birth of her twin girls over 14 years ago. Mary, not wanting to work away from her four children, put her business knowledge and skills to use right from her home. You might say the inspiration came from her nose. Wanting her babies to smell sweet, she developed a roll on cologne with a mother’s touch.

Right from her home in California, Mary founded Winsome Fragrance Co. She tested her new products with her friends, parent groups and in her local community until she was satisfied with the scents. In 1994, Mary put her first products on the market.

Winsome Fragrance Co. produces natural perfume oil with no alcohol or dyes. The fragrances are non-toxic, biodegradable, spill-proof and come in roll-on bottles. Everything is made in the U.S.A. and there is no animal testing.

Today, Mary’s products can be found in more than 750 department and specialty stores nationwide. Winsome Fragrance Co. sells 25,000 bottles of fragrance a year, and Mary is determined to double that figure in the next five years. She attributes her success to a proactive attitude and being highly motivated saying, “You have to believe in your product. You have to be willing to accept a lot of ‘nos’ and still believe in your product. You have to be able to take the financial risk. You have to be willing to stick with it — it’s a big commitment.”

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