Take a Peek at Summer 2014


Finish the final touches on your holiday plan and start facing your future with clothing lines that will spruce up your spring and summer 2014 store. For your classic clientele, introduce Max & Dora, a luxury collection that features a mix of contemporary cotton and linen with vintage trim. A costume designer makes dress up fun and practical with Ele Story, featuring ornate silhouettes with the perfect pleat and ruffles that rule. Spring means spring break and no vacation would be complete without bathing suits. Muddy Feet Boutique has made tracks in unique swim and resort wear that will set you apart from the rest when it comes time to pack for the beach. Spring also means parties and formals, so don’t leave the tweens out of the mix. STELLA M’LIA features fashion-forward but age-appropriate dresses perfect for any event. Have occasion to check out these brands and complete your spring 2014 shopping before the first snowflake falls.

Max & Dora Pays Homage to Ideal Childhoods

Max & Dora
Everything old is new again. Riding the classic coattails, Max & Dora takes the trend to a new level with a luxury boutique children’s collection. This newcomer features a contemporary mix of cottons and linens with one-of-a-kind vintage trim adorning every piece in the collection.

Max & Dora has a neutral color scheme base of navy, white and wheat but peps it up with artistic accents of bright pinks and greens. With a distinctive vision for the modern mommy and child, designer Lisa Godown pays perfect homage to an ideal childhood. Originally inspired by the details and craftsmanship of her own grandmother’s elegant embroidered handkerchiefs, each piece Godown creates is meant to inspire the innocence of a childhood well spent.

Chase away spring showers with the lightweight Lisette linen dress, delicately adorned with white lace so ornate you’ll want to set a teacup on it. For a splash of color, try the beachy Arielle drop-waist dress featuring a vintage style high collar and a bright floral pattern complete with lace belt. Each piece awaits the stories that will unfold for its small owner and the new memories made along the way.

Be among the first to get to Godown and her Max & Dora collection at www.maxanddora.com

Ele Story Fills a New Trunk of Unforgettable Apparel

Ele Story
Designer Judy Jou founded Ele Story, a spring and summer collection of adorable little girls’ clothes in sizes 12months to 6. Jou, a former costume designer and mother of an energetic two year old, brings a fresh, sweet new look to classic little girls’ silhouettes in her first collection. The name “Ele Story” was inspired by a song in Chinese about a little elephant that is encouraged to be proud of her long nose because it is what makes her who she is.

Little girls will want to stand out from the crowd in the ornately cap-sleeved Dahlia dress in pale yet vibrant aqua and pink. The clothes are fun and bold while also being innocent and sweet — just like the kids that wear them. What makes each garment special is the attention to detail — soft material, little button loops, pleating and ruffling of dresses and skirts. The entire collection currently features 23 unique pieces, including dresses, blouses, shorts, skirts, and a summer swing coat.

Be among the first to showcase this new fashion tale: www.elestory.com

Muddy Feet is Ready for the Sandy Season

Muddy Feet Boutique
Just what is considered resort wear has changed over the years. It will become clearer when you see Muddy Feet Boutique, because the brand features it all! Take for example their brilliant “I Dream of Jeannie” inspired bikini with a billowy top and appropriately tight bottoms. The pink and white stripes are sure to stand out at the beach, but the best part is, the top could easily be worn over a pair of shorts or a simple skirt to go from the beach to a nice dinner on the boardwalk.

For a more nostalgic look, the flapper style one-piece will delight trendy tweens and parents (especially the dad who isn’t too keen on his girl wearing age-inappropriate swimwear). The bottoms are a pretty purple with a wide pink fabric flair on the side. The top capitalizes on an upcoming fall trend of lace, in a classic pink and black that pairs perfectly with the purple.

Muddy Feet Boutique was formed in 2010 by Jessica Sherrill and is positioned as a luxury lifestyle children’s brand. Jessica is dedicated to creating thoughtful designs of superior quality that are domestically and responsibly manufactured in Texas.

Track Mud throughout your store at www.muddyfeetboutique.com


What to do about tween fashionistas starting to fill a busy party calendar with formals and milestone parties? Offer a parent the perfect answer to “I have nothing to wear” with ready-to-wear dresses that are appropriately trendy. STELLA M’LIA is a new line of tween dresses that meet a girl’s hankering for something young and trendy with her parent’s demands for something both classy and appropriate.

Gone are the days when the choices were strictly on opposite poles of goth-girl-ripped-bedazzled-and-slashed-spandex and wallflowered-girl-in-printed-smock-blown-up-to-size-12. The collection, inspired by the runways and real moms, makes it easy for mothers and daughters to agree. Using luxurious fabrics (like the Thai ceremonial brocade strapless dress with a beautiful shirred waist and flared skirt), and reinterpreting classic shapes into modern-pretty dresses, STELLA M’LIA gives the tween girl sophisticated choices that she can own and rock at her next party.

Designed to fit girls sizes 10-14/16 and young women sizes 00-4, the dresses also make it easy to stock and give a lot of wiggle room to help parents with those pre-pubescent growth spurts. It’s a surefire way to show your customers a different perspective and a fresh take on tween special occasion dressing.

Get stellar sizes with STELLA M’LIA at www.stellamlia.com

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