Function + Fashion: That’s the Way These Products Stroll


A stroller is one of the biggest purchases new parents will make, and with all the choices available, deciding which model to buy can be overwhelming. When shopping for a stroller, one decides which features are important. Planning to run or walk trails with the baby? Choose a sport model with sturdy wheels and a streamlined frame. Ride public transportation frequently? A light stroller that can be folded and lifted easily is the ticket. Many parents also opt for “travel systems” rather than just strollers alone. These sets include a car seat as well as a stroller so that the system “grows” with the child over the months. And don’t forget accessories! They can add convenience and comfort as well as style and fun. Today we focus on products from Britax, Buggygear, 3 Sprouts and JP Lizzy.

Britax B-Agile for Quick Getaways

Britax is a baby gear company that has covered a lot of ground in its 63-year history. Originally a British company, it went on to acquire a German company and two Australian enterprises before finally making a name for itself in the U.S. As a result, the people at Britax have their ear to the ground for international trends and know how to deliver safe, attractive baby products to the retail market. Their latest offering, the B-Agile stroller, is no exception.

The B-Agile is a lightweight stroller with plenty of features parents will appreciate. One impressive aspect about the B-Agile is its larger size in comparison to many other lightweight strollers on the market. Often, parents are forced to choose between a stroller that travels easily and one that is actually comfortable for their child, especially as the little one grows. The B-Agile measures in at a generous 14 inches wide and 25 inches from seat to canopy. It folds and unfolds easily and stores in the back of the car so the family is ready to go in seconds.

If parents want to add a car seat to the B-Agile, they can do it in a snap… literally. It comes with slide and snap adaptors that attach to the sides of the stroller and enable the parent to lock on the Britax Chaperone or B-Safe car seats.

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Buggygear Guards Against Stroller Theft

Stroller theft isn’t something that’s talked about very often, but it does happen. It’s particularly a concern for urban parents who walk and use public transportation more than they drive. Not only are they at higher risk because they are out and about so much, but also because they often own high-quality strollers that are designed with the comfort, maneuverability, and extra features that heavy usage requires. These pricey strollers can be attractive to thieves who may sell them to a chop shop for parts or sell them on the streets at lower prices.

Annette Atteridge knows how it feels to have a stroller stolen — she’s had thieves make off with two of her strollers, one right from her own backyard, and she wanted to create something to help other parents avoid that unpleasant experience. She invented BuggyGuard, a convenient device that helps lock a stroller in place, making it difficult to steal. The cute, animal-shaped locks were a hit, and now Atteridge is branching out with Buggygear.

Buggygear offers BuggyGuard, as well as a few other types of strong and stylish locks. In addition, parents can choose from other stroller gear, including sun shades and luxury stroller organizers.

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3 Sprouts’ Critters Hate Clutter

3 Sprouts
Organizing is a key aspect of living a balanced and successful life. Many parents start out with every intention of keeping an organized home –– and teaching their children how to keep things in order –– but often find the practice a daunting challenge. Let’s face it, babies and kids have lots of “stuff”, and it can be hard to manage it all, whether at home or when out for walks with the stroller.

3 Sprouts combines the convenience of classic organizational tools like storage boxes and bath toy holders with a whimsical, colorful style that brings a dash of fun to any room of the house. For on-the-run organization, the company offers a stroller organizer that comes in various animal-theme designs. The organizer attaches to the handle of any stroller to provide a space for sippy cups, snacks, a change of socks, or lots of other necessities. Its collapsible design ensures that it won’t get in the way when folding and unfolding a stroller.

3 Sprouts founders Banu Khurana, Amit Khurana (Banu’s brother) and friend Obsidian Graham all have design backgrounds. They are also parents, and are proud to offer 3 Sprouts’ products to moms and dads who want to enjoy convenience without compromising on style.

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JP Lizzy Bags Carry Style on Shoulders and Strollers

JP Lizzy
For some mothers, finding the right diaper bag can prove a challenge. They can be either too plain or too “babyish.” What’s a stylish mom to do?

JP Lizzy accessories transcend the diaper bag label by providing mothers with carryalls they can be proud to show off. Customers can choose from bags, totes, and satchels that sport convenient features, including waterproof lining and fashionable designs.

Momprenuer Wendy Barry started JP Lizzy in 2001, when the choices in diaper bags were limited. Today, in an abundant market, her product stands as one of the best in the business. Inspired by her own experiences as a busy mother of young twins, Barry set out to design bags that could lend style to a mom’s outfit, while offering a place to put all those necessary baby things. It was a long climb up the ladder of success for Wendy, who has had to make some changes to her line to better fit today’s changing economic times, but she persevered and continues to offer top-notch products.

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