Silicone Products Bring Safety and Durability


Kids are dirt magnets. Between dropped pacifiers, chewed-up toys, and snack-time on the floor, parents need to be one-step ahead of babies and germs. This is part of the reason why a growing number of child products are developed from silicone. Already known for its many industrial and medical uses, silicone brings an added dimension of safety and durability to kids’ products. For example, silicone can stand up to the toughest biting baby, but is still soft enough to provide the child with a comfortable teething toy. Its durability ensures that fewer products are added to landfills, and it is easily cleaned.

Companies that have been capitalizing on the benefits of silicone are working wonders for customers. From the innovative teething devices at Mello & Co. and RaZbaby to the products from ChooMee and 5 Oceans International that make mealtime a snap, silicone is helping parents keep kids cleaner and safer than ever before.

Teething Babies Get Relief from Mello & Co.

Mello & Co.
“I put everything into making sure Mello & Co.’s products are safe as well as effective,” explained Mello & Co. founder and chief innovator, Sue Kellogg. Kellogg keeps operations in the U.S.A. to ensure quality control, giving customers peace of mind when using the company’s products. Mello & Co. is known for the Nawgum, a unique teether that offers gnashing babies serious relief.

When infants go through their teething phase, absolutely nothing is sacred (even Mom gets a bite!). Nawgum beats traditional teething devices with its unique design that focuses on delivering a safe, food-grade silicone product that is gnaw-proof, but still comfortable for little hands and mouths. The Nawgum resembles a small toy with little textured arms sticking out. It is non-toxic and BPA-free, and clean up is a snap because it can be slipped into the dishwasher.

The Nawgum is beyond a simple toy or pacifier, and customer response has been extremely strong. “Parents are so happy with Nawgum, the shape, the different textures,” noted Kellogg. “They love how easy it is for the child to control it on their own, and how every parent’s need/want of a teething toy has been implemented into Nawgum.”

Nawgum provides safe, serious relief from teething issues:

RaZbaby Keeps It Clean

RaZbaby products have gained a significant following and have taken the market by storm. Sisters Lidia and Aida Viana are the brains behind the RazBerry Teether, a hands-free textured teether constructed from medical-grade silicone. The teether was inspired by the lushness of fresh raspberries. The best-selling teether has proven itself to be a customer favorite, not only for its durability and appearance, but also because it is touted as “hands-free” and easy for babies to manipulate.

Soon, the sisters added other products to the line-up, including the personalized “Keep-It-Kleen” pacifiers. The innovation lies in the construction: when the pacifier is dropped, it snaps closed, keeping the nipple part of the product away from germy surfaces (available in a range of colors). Vented orthodontic silicone makes the pacifier easy to chew on and safe for baby (all pacifiers are BPA-free).

Matching a Keep-It-Kleen pacifier with one of the Pacifier Holders (available in blue or pink) is one way to keep baby happy and parents sane.

Dentists recommend taking care of baby’s oral hygiene even before that first tooth, but the Raz-a-Dazzle Toothbrush will ensure that those baby teeth stay clean.

RaZbaby’s founders are currently working on developing innovative products for the new year:

ChooMee Sip’ns are Tops for Pouches

Veteran parents agree that packaging baby food into pouches has been a boon for those on the go –– or just parents trying to balance a baby on one hip while trying to feed the baby with the free hand. The pouches beat their glass counterparts for safety and flexibility. Plus, they allow for less waste since most of the food can be squeezed from the packaging. However, some people have expressed concerns over the spout-delivery system. “Our Sip’n solves a variety of problems which result from this spout,” said Julie Hammi, owner of ChooMee and the innovator behind Sip’ns.

Sip’ns are special tops for pouch baby food. They address several issues, such as controlling the flow of the baby food to the child, keeping the remaining food in the pouch, and keeping teething babies happy. Sip’ns are constructed from silicone, making them stain- and odor-resistant, as well as sturdy enough to take on teething tots. The unique design allows the product to be attached to the spouts of many reusable and disposable pouches. Sip’ns are reusable and wash up easily in warm, soapy water.

With the expanding food-pouch market, Sip’ns are now reaching a broader range of busy families. Scoop some up at

5 Oceans International Brings Kids the World

5 Oceans International
Marcio Lima of 5 Oceans International Co. has a lot to be proud of. “It [was] a great year for us,” he explained regarding sales of the company’s durable and colorful silicone children’s products. “We have been receiving good feedback…” 5 Oceans International boasts a broad pantheon of items directly targeted at helping busy families.

Top-selling items include the Milk Mug, which sports a cute bear design and is available in four kid-friendly colors. The Pacifier Case (in pink, blue, green, and yellow) offers a safe, clean spot for a broad range of pacifiers and is collapsible for easy storage. Other customer favorites are the Collapsible Storage Bowl and Powdered Formula Dispenser. Since all products are constructed from silicone, they withstand the extremes of heat and cold.

Strong demand has invited more innovation from 5 Oceans International. On tap are Paintable Silicone Placemats, which are every kid’s delight –– busy hands can paint and draw during mealtime. They are a parent’s joy, as well, because they are easy to wipe clean. Avid foodies will adore the Stainless Steel Children’s Cutlery Set (with 4 and 5 pieces) and a Little Chef Set (19 pieces).

5 Oceans was also a top product pick of our Editorial Director David Gaunt at the ABC Kids Expo. For a complete selection of safe, kid-friendly products, visit

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