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3 Marthas

Quality craftsmanship has always been a key feature of American-made products; this is especially true when it comes to children’s products. In the U.S., we encourage our kids to be brave, adventurous, and tough, and we appreciate merchandise that can stand up to the wear and tear kids can dish out. Creativity is another plus that domestic companies possess. American toymakers and clothing designers may appreciate tradition, but they also love innovation. They can integrate the best of old and new to produce products that are unique and functional. American companies are enthusiastic marketers, putting together powerful campaigns to wow customers and become household names.

3 Marthas, Two Bros Bows, Papersalt, and The Beaufort Bonnet Company are all very different enterprises. A clothing company reaching its silver anniversary, a business that makes a rugged outdoor sport safe and fun, a publisher that helps to inspire family values, and a designer who recreates novelties from the past. Each one embodies the American spirit in its own way and makes us proud.

3 Marthas Celebrates Silver Anniversary

3 Marthas
For a company that makes children’s products, serving a new generation of kids is quite an accomplishment. It is a marker of time and success that’s meant to be celebrated. It shows that your products have stood the test of time, making an impression on the families who have used them. It also offers the challenge of making sure that the business’s products and vibe stay current to hold the attention of today’s customer.

With over 25 years in the business, 3 Marthas is a well-respected and much-loved infant clothing business that is now beginning to serve its second generation of customers. Beautiful appliqué designs are the company’s claim to fame. With 19 different themed collections, each with multiple pieces – like burp cloths, blankets, towels, one pieces and more –– they’re a one-stop shop for high-quality and attractive baby gifts.

There are three women behind the 3 Marthas brand, but none of them are named Martha. Juli Dewar, Abby Davis and Rachel Ferguson all bring their unique talents and experience to the table. They are committed to keeping the company’s offerings fresh and making sure customers continue getting the high quality infant wear and accessories they have come to expect.

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Two Bros Bows Hits a Bullseye

Two Bros Bows
Country kids have always been known for their adventurous spirit and love of the outdoors. It’s no surprise that two country boys are the inventors of a new product that’s inspiring kids to take to the woods (or their backyard) in pursuit of good old fashioned fun. Duncan Purves, 10, and his 7-year-old brother Hayden are the young entrepreneurs behind Two Bros Bows. With the help of their mom, they design and produce their unique bow and arrow sets from their home in North Carolina. The sets come in several colors and include one arrow. Additional arrows are sold separately.

Archery has become more popular as a sport recently. It’s good for developing upper body strength and sharpening aim, plus it’s just plain fun. Even kids who have no intention of ever hunting can still benefit from the physical and mental workout archery provides. Still, many parents have concerns about their young children’s safety when doing archery, and some have issues with their kids playing with toys that resemble weapons. Two Bros Bows’ arrows have soft tips that don’t look like real arrows but can function in a similar fashion.

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Papersalt Inspires Discussions

Papersalt is a company that publishes inspirational books, journals and cards for families. At first glance, their publications may look a lot like the familiar feel-good coffee table books many people have in their homes. You know, the kind that are mostly for decoration, but don’t have that much to say. While Papersalt’s books are bright and eye-catching, they have more depth and substance than many books in the same genre.

Their most popular books are Being a Girl and Being a Boy. These books are made to help kids along through the challenges they may encounter in the everyday world of school, friends and family. They encourage family loyalty, self-confidence, self-care and a positive outlook on life. Parents and children can read the books together and discuss the topics. They’re a great way to open up the door to communication.

Papersalt also offers books about table manners (a popular topic these days), relationships, economic planning and more. They offer practical advice as well as inspiring words to encourage good choices. The books make great gifts for newlyweds, college students, bar/bat mitzvahs, and new parents.

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The Beaufort Bonnet Company Offers Vintage Looks

The Beaufort Bonnet Company
Today’s children’s clothing has a lot to love, from high-tech fabrics and vivid colors to magnetic snaps and sleek lines. Still, there’s something about old-fashioned kids’ clothing that captures many parents’ hearts in a way modern fashion never can. Maybe it’s the nostalgia for a more innocent time, a desire for connection to past generations, or maybe it’s an appreciation for the high quality and attention to detail that vintage children’s’ clothing has to offer.

The Beaufort Bonnet Company is a maker of fine bonnets, bloomers, britches and other classic pieces. The company prides itself on giving customers the best in vintage Southern style. Owner Markey Hutchinson took over John and SuSu Bonnets about 4 years ago, and gave the business a new name and a fresh face.

The Kentucky resident was inspired to get into the clothing business when her baby daughter received a gift of an old-fashioned bonnet. She was charmed by the gift and fell in love with the idea of her little girl wearing something with a vintage look. Today, the company strives to bring that same delight to its customers. Its luxury children’s wear embodies the best of the past and the present.

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