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Bouche Baby

Bottle feeding has been an issue throughout the ages: as early as 2000 BC, concerned parents were using a range of designs to deliver nutrition safely and effectively to infants and toddlers. The Babylonians, Greeks, and Romans are known to have developed feeding systems, with the Romans being the first to create a clear glass bottle. Later inventions included designs made from animal horns, wood, leather, and even pewter. Modern bottles are a far cry from their predecessors. A sincere desire to provide safe feeding solutions to parents has resulted in the creation of non-toxic products. Even the nipples have evolved from simple spouts to durable silicone nipples, designed to prevent gas and colic issues. Here are some top brands that provide parents with feeding solutions and understand the need to ensure baby’s safety and well-being: Silikids, Bouche Baby, Cherub Baby, and Steri-Bottle.

Silikids is Serious about Silicone

L.A.-based Silikids Inc. is setting the standard for safe silicone products. “Our goal is to take the basics and make them better, while bridging the gap between beautiful design and affordability,” explains Stacey Feeley, co-founder of Silikids Inc. Silikids is serious about providing safe, effective products for families. Feeley and her friend Giuliana Schwab launched the company in 2006. They put their creative talents to work to create silicone items for everyday use. Why silicone? The duo wanted to create products that were safe and durable.

The initial launch of the Siliskin, a silicone sleeve that wraps around a traditional baby bottle, was an enormous success. It led to the creation of the Siliskin Glass Line, a collection of glasses enrobed in silicone. Glasses come in 6-oz. and 12-oz. sizes, and are wrapped in “tart” orange and “sea” green Siliskins. Siliskin Tops are reusable cup covers that sport an easy-to-drink-from spout.

The ergonomically-designed Silibibs are perfect for those messy days. Silikids Inc. has expanded its line to include snack bags, spoons, bowls, and placemats. All of the products are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

Durable, brightly-colored products that make life easier can be found at

Bouche Baby Makes Travel Easy

Bouche Baby
Bouche Baby was the brainchild of super-busy parents seeking a simple solution to an all-too-common problem: how to mix formula and feed baby on the go. The Take N’ Shake was the solution: it’s an integrated bottle with a special compartment for the formula. Besides being safe and economical, it lets parents and caregivers say “adios” to messy formula spills and the inconvenience of packing up just enough formula for the bottle. The patented design supports healthy feeding (it’s anti-colic) and “grows” with baby; it can serve as an integrated bottle or standard bottle for little ones.

When infants become toddlers, the bottle converts into a sippy cup. “Customer response has been overwhelming,” noted Donna S. Farber, co-founder of Bouche Baby. The set comes complete with two convertible Take N’ Shake bottles (5-oz. and 9-oz.), a variety of silicone nipples, and a sippy cup conversion set. All items are also sold separately, so parts are easy to replace. Bouche Baby products are BPA-free and can be slipped into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Bottle feeding should be a stress-free process:

Cherub Baby, Warm and Safe

Cherub Baby
Started in 2006 in Australia, Cherub Baby’s commitment to safe feeding is evident in every product. With over a dozen awards earned, Cherub Baby is an internationally-recognized purveyor of durable, quality products that make life easier for busy families. The company provides moms (and those who love them) with the finest in breast pumps, milk storage bags, bottles, nipples, and warmers to meet every need. Cherub Baby incorporated color-change technology into their baby bottles, making it a snap to see if the temperature of the fluid inside is too hot for baby (color changes at 42 degrees Celsius).

Its Wide-neck Natribottles are constructed from BPA-free borosilicate glass, which can withstand extreme temperatures up to 600 degrees Celsius. Parents can save time and money with the Natribottles. The bottles can be converted from a baby bottle to a sippy cup with the addition of the Sippy Cup Pack.

The Click and Go Travel Bottle Warmer Warming Pad is a boon for those on the move: it makes keeping baby’s milk warm easy and hassle-free. Among its many other child-centered products, Cherub Baby also provides food pouch warmers for older infants and toddlers.

Cherub Baby warms things up, keeps things safe:

Steri-Bottle Brings Solutions to the Time-Pressed

Steri-Bottle has been increasing its reach throughout the globe, providing convenient feeding solutions to families concerned about babies and germs. Busy parents know the nightmare of lugging around tons of equipment to keep baby bottles clean. Plus, bleary-eyed feedings at 2 a.m. can make even the sharpest parent wonder if they have cleaned the bottles well enough.

Steri-Bottle takes the worries out of feeding. The disposable bottles are made in the U.S.A. under strict quality-control guidelines. The stackable bottles are sterilized with a special process at the point of manufacture, making them perfect for dropping in the fluid of choice. They are conveniently ready to use right out of the box, with no mess or fuss cleaning up afterwards. Since they are manufactured from 100% recyclable materials and are BPA-free, dropping them in the nearest recycle bin is about as much work that needs to be done.

Steri-Bottles are available in a variety of multipacks, and offer both fast-flow and medium-flow nipples. Designed to help prevent colic, the Steri-Bottle is also light-weight and microwavable. Single-use makes it perfect for visits with grandparents, a day with the babysitter, travel, or just hitting the mall.

Convenience and peace-of-mind in a bottle:

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