ABC Spring Conference Combines Food, Friends, Fun, Facts and Finds

Kleine Dreumes - Happy Kidz

The ABC Spring Conference is an event that brings together a cross section of children’s specialty product retailers. The conference is unique because it’s not just a trade show; it’s an educational opportunity. In addition to getting exposure for their wares, the participants also gain knowledge of the latest product and marketing trends in the industry. They have the chance to meet other business people, make valuable connections, and hear experts give talks on a variety of topics.

This year, the ABC Conference took place at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida. Retailers who participated enjoyed beautiful surroundings as they expanded their entrepreneurial experience. There were some standout participants at this year’s conference. I Can Tie Shoelaces, Rhoost, Happy Kidz and Snuggy Baby presented products to enhance the health and well-being of babies and young children.

”I Can Tie Shoelaces” Solves a Knotty Problem

I Can Tie Shoelaces
Learning to tie shoelaces is among a child’s memorable milestones. It’s a skill that brings pride and a feeling of being grown-up. It’s not unusual for children to experience a few challenges and setbacks when learning to tie their shoes. Kids who take a while to learn can face teasing and may feel ashamed of being behind their friends and classmates. As frustrating as it may be, sometimes all a child needs is a little push to get them started, and they will quickly gain confidence.

I Can Tie Shoelaces is a Florida-based company hoping to change the way kids master the skill of tying their shoes. Their product looks much like traditional shoe laces, but has some extra features that make the learning process quicker and easier. I Can Tie was founded by husband-and-wife team Alexis and Lauren Flores who also run an occupational therapy practice that specializes in children. They used their combined expertise and creativity to develop the special design that features small hook-and-loop strips on the laces. These strips help kids know where the laces should cross and connect for the strongest tie; they also help keep laces in place during the tying process. The laces are available in a variety of colors and fit most standard sneakers and other lace-up footwear.

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For Added Safety, Come Home to Rhoost

New parents hold the huge responsibility of keeping their baby safe from all the potential dangers in the world around them. Those familiar with accident statistics know that the majority of dangers to baby exist not somewhere “out there” but within the family home. Understandably, this realization can make many new moms and dads nervous and even a little paranoid at times. That’s why baby-proofing a home is a project many parents start long before their little one is mobile enough to get into much trouble.

Want to impress a mom-to-be at her baby shower? Cute clothes and toys are great, but practical items that focus on infant health and safety are often appreciated just as much if not more. Rhoost is a one-stop shop for many baby-proofing and infant care needs. Owners Vianka Perez-Belyea and Tavinder Phull decided to bring their experience in parenting, marketing, business management and public health together to create a range of babyproofing innovations. By selling safety essentials like blind cord winders, outlet covers, and cabinet closures and the new grooming kit, they’re not just making a living; they’re offering products that could potentially save lives.

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Happy Kidz Are Here Again for Fun

Scotchi - Happy Kidz
Happy Kidz is yet another European company bringing its unique style to our side of the pond. Based in Germany, Happy Kidz carries brands that design creative, educational and functional products, including Scotchi, Kinder Dreumes and Clam-P.

Scotchi is a line of board games that helps improve children’s memory skills. Their unique format lets kids assemble a picture from memory, putting all the parts in their correct spots. The bright, colorful scenes include Dinner Table, Supermarket, Dress-Up and more.

Kleine Dreumes distributes the Twoo and the Kid Sit. These seats were designed by a mom who was all too familiar with young children’s penchant for hitching a ride on their sibling’s stroller. They attach to the stroller allowing an extra child to ride safely and comfortably.

The Clamp-P is a simple yet super-convenient device that helps blankets stay attached to strollers and car seats

There are more products and brands coming to Happy Kidz, so stay tuned to find out more about what this up-and-coming company has to offer:

Snuggy Baby Carries Children in Comfort

Snuggy Baby
Baby carriers have become more popular in the last decade or so, thanks to the mainstreaming of attachment parenting methods. Even moms who don’t subscribe to all the tenets of attachment parenting have found babywearing to be a fulfilling and convenient practice that makes for happier, less fussy babies and helps maintain a strong parent-child bond.

Not all baby carriers are created equal; it can take a while for a mom or dad to find a carrier that works for them. For some parents, the baby sling is the way to go. These all-cloth carriers are based on the designs that come from tribal cultures and have thousands of years of history. They allow for an infant to feel safe and secure, cuddled against their parent as they go about the day.

Snuggy Baby is one of the most respected makers of ring sling baby carriers. Their carriers are made to be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time without sagging, and they’re easy on the eyes, too. The 100 % cotton slings come in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns. In addition to slings, Snuggy Baby also offers cloth diapering products, wet bags, and miniature slings for children’s dolls.

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