ABC Spring Event: “Where Dreams Come True”


The ABC Spring Educational Conference will be held “Where Dreams Come True” at Disney World Resorts on May 20-22. The ABC annual spring event allows independent juvenile stores, manufacturers, reps and media to get to know more about each other and their industry. The juvenile industry has been built on dreams, and continues to serve and be inspired by families with new dreams. That’s why I asked several exhibitors these questions: “What are your dreams that have come true, or that you still have?” and “What dream product are you showing at the ABC spring trade show?” I received replies from Duux, MD Moms, Reflo, pello, and oogaa.

Maybe you’ll have new dreams to add to your list after experiencing the ABC Spring Conference in Orlando. The Giggle Guide® founder Leesa Valentino will be there to discover more news to share with those in the children’s business.

Duux International

Duux LED Starlight Projector

Dennis Wessels, Manager of Marketing & Communications for Duux International B.V., says:

My ongoing dream come true is…
to travel around the world and meet new people, see new places, learn about different cultures and stay curious about what the world has to offer.

The dream product that we’ll be showing at the ABC Spring Educational Conference is…
our LED starlight projector with nightlight and built-in lullabies. Because parents can set-up voice activation, this device is so smart that it automatically starts beaming stars on the ceiling when the baby suddenly starts crying at night.

MD Moms


SPF 30 Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes
Dr. JJ Levenstein, President and Co-founder of MD Moms, says:

My dream come true…
was having a fulfilling career in pediatrics, owning my own practice, and being able to “retire” at age 55. This has allowed me to use my experience and knowledge in other fields –– from the completion of culinary school, to now appearing weekly on television as a medical expert. I have been able to check so many things off my bucket list, and help others too!

My dream product at MD Moms continues to be…
our SPF 30 Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes! The creation of this innovative delivery system for sunscreen has allowed many parents to regularly and easily apply sunscreen to their little ones, and hopefully as a result, will help whittle down their skin cancer risk and promote a lifetime of healthy sun habits. That’s a dream coming true.

Reflo Ltd

Reflo Smart Cup

Pete Draganic, President of Reflo Ltd, says:

My wife, Lisa and I share a dream…
of being able to retire at an early age. (We are in our early 40s now.) My wife, Lisa, and I, after 27 years of being together and sharing so much in our lives, also share a dream for our future. We raised 3 children through nearly 23 of those years, and our youngest is turning 18 this month. We have run our own businesses together through most of those years and have shared so much. We dream about having the time to travel, to enjoy the little things, and mostly we dream about doing nothing. Quiet days with each other, enjoying just that… maybe somewhere tropical.

The dream product showcased at the ABC Spring show is…
our Reflo Smart Cup. Many parents say it is a dream come true for them that the smart cup helps their little ones learn to drink from a regular cup without the mess and hassle. Some kids are actually having their first-ever success with cup drinking due to our product. For us, having a product go from concept, to production, to such popularity and success has truly been our own dream come true. We often reflect on how we started and to where we’ve come in just over 3 years. Sometimes it really does feel like a dream.



Cindy Perry, Founder of pello, says:

My dream has always been…
to do something meaningful for the good of my children and my family. Although it has been difficult at times, it is my hope that my creation of a successful business will be the thing that helps me achieve my dream of doing something “meaningful.” To my two boys who are at the heart of my dreams, their idea of meaningful is a lot more basic than my definition of meaningful. Finding a lost baseball mitt SECONDS before practice or a favorite pair of socks for a VERY, VERY IMPORTANT lacrosse game is all it takes! So, bottom line, I’m living my dream — I have two happy, healthy boys to look after and raise as best I can…. now that’s meaningful!

My dream product…
was born out of a need to keep my first born son comfortable and safe. Luckily, other moms feel the same way! It was a dream come true when we realized that in less than 2 years after our launch, pello can be found in over 200 boutiques across the U.S. and Canada –– we even have a store in El Salvador carrying pello! This growth, coupled with the fact that I love the people I work with, is a blessing and a dream come true.

oogaa home, LLC


Stack Em Up
Samantha Skolnik, Founder of oogaa home, says:

As an 8-year-old I dreamed…
that the oogaa characters I created would become famous. As a child, I drew characters like Sanrio (Hello Kitty). I even declared the word “oogaa” as a registered trademark in my sketches of our trademark round bodies and googley eyes. I dreamed that my oogaa characters would be printed, embossed and sewn all over everyday products, but most importantly smiled at by little users. 20 plus years later I decided to make my dream a reality.

My oogaa dream-come-true products…
include a range of non-toxic soft, safe, silicone dishware for babies and young children. My dream is to grow oogaa and make products for play, sleep and everyday fun!