All Kinds of Cool for Children


Cool and cute things come in all kinds of packages, some big and some small. Shoppers delight in merchandise that serves a need while offering a great look. The Giggle Guide® introduces the best of current coolness, including items from Beatrix, B-Sensible, okiedog, MK Global and Naaya by Moonlight.

Beatrix Offers Fun and Functional Creations

The newest offerings from Beatrix, a company based in New York City, are micro-cuddlies — cute little squeeze toys that can go with kids wherever they want via a chain and clip. These come in a variety of appealing characters like Dieter, a monkey clutching a banana; Penelope, a lavender octopus sporting a pink flower on her head; and Papar, an owl whose glare is softened by the ribbon on his ear.

cozy-cans, designed to look like soda cans, hold healthy beverages like juice or milk with vacuum insulation to keep drinks cold or hot for hours. The cans are made of food grade stainless steel topped with a removable cap with a sealable straw opening, and are the same size as a conventional soda can.

Backpacks that fit younger kids provide plenty of space to hold everything a child needs for a day, and are available in many of the same designs as the micro-cuddlies, plus Fei Fei, a pink and green panda; Lucas, a whale swimming in the deep blue; and Percival, a green dragon. All packs are made of nylon and easy-clean laminated canvas to stand up to lots of use; they have padded back panels and shoulder straps and fit tots aged two to five.

Lunch box use is on the rise as parents pack food in containers to fit their child’s personality. Those from Beatrix fill the bill with cute characters, a zippered pocket and a name tag. Keep sandwiches and carrot sticks fresh inside these heavy duty nylon charmers.

Cuteness reigns:

B-Sensible: Linens for Soothing Sleep

Ever thought that bed linens could be the secret ingredient for a good night’s sleep? Chances are your shoppers have! For cloud-soft sheets that feel heavenly under little bodies, stock sheets from B-Sensible. The fabric makes moisture evaporate, so farewell to icky, sticky nights and naptimes. It does not interfere with the comfort of the mattress, duvet or pillow and acts like a “second skin” to assure the best possible sleep.

The fitted sheet for kids comes in an assortment of colors, so there is a choice for every décor. One-hundred percent Tinsel fabric has been shown to be incredibly cool in warm weather and warm when chilly months arrive. The fabric is fast drying and the perfect answer for children’s sensitive skins.

Revolutionary” is the word for the feel and fabrics from B-Sensible who epitomize “cool” in the literal sense, making bedding smooth so nothing catches a toe, finger or back. Rolling over is not an Olympic sport but rather an integral part of sleep patterns for everyone. B-Sensible sheets provide a hypoallergenic barrier against moisture, bacteria and dust mites. On top of that, they are made via an eco-friendly process using natural and sustainable fibers.

For a great night of sleep:

okiedog Bag Carries Everything to Go

Innovation and good design are sure-fire ways for a company to attract retailers and for retailers to maintain a loyal customer base. Look to okiedog for useful products with pizzazz, such as a truly mom-friendly diaper bag. The red Sumo Diaper Bag has more space than most bags, meaning it can hold all the essentials for a busy life on the go.

No Mom would want to leave home without the Shuttle Diaper Bag that offers a host of well thought-out accessories. There is a key fob; large zipper pulls for those times when parent hands are slippery from sunscreen or wipes; a three bottle-holder pocket; extra pockets; and quick tabs that are incredibly useful for securing pacifiers or other small items. All interior spaces are light colored to make finding things easier.

The slide pocket on the back of the bag fits over a suitcase handle for travel. Feet on the bottom of the bag can rest on the ground, keeping the body away from the floor. Accessories include a theme-lined bottle pocket, a pouch and a diaper mat. The bag can be carried as a tote, slid onto the shoulder with a special strap, or attached to a stroller with a “clip-it” system. The Shuttle Bag comes in many colors and designs and is made of sturdy materials. For a cute touch, a tab on the outside reassures shoppers that everything will be “OK.”

Little details make a big difference:

ACA Camera Kit for Little Shutter Bugs

ACA Camera Kit
Good chance that kids borrow parents’ iPhones all the time to play games, push buttons and take pictures. For young kids, a better way to deal with this is with the ACA Camera Kit, so they can get into photography without interfering with grown-up times and messing up adult phone settings.

The ACA Camera Kit from MK Global includes a case and a special app that converts an iPhone 5 into a camera with a simple multi-touch interface that lets youngsters get used to pointing and shooting fast. The case has a hard button shutter control and offers eight lenses with super-cool effects that are selected by rotating the physical camera lens. Pictures are stored in the order that they are taken and can be looked at in a simple-to-grasp manner.

The case comes in four attention-getting colors: black, white, pink with orange, and blue with green. Yes, it is a “toy” but the gadget really takes decent pix and children get the opportunity to be creative and stay engaged. The item is well-designed so children feel it’s the real deal and get a charge out of taking photos and using the different effects to turn their shots into new and different looks.

Snap! Picture this in your store:

Moonlight Creates Soft, Natural Baby Bedding

Naaya by Moonlight
Whenever a new baby arrives, there are certain go-to items that everyone needs. One is a fabulous baby blanket that will become an integral part of the little one’s life. Organic cotton blankets from Naaya by Moonlight are soft against a baby’s skin, making them the ideal wrap. Each blanket comprises three layers of cotton so it is lightweight with a center fabric design for ultimate style. Blankets are offered in the Blue Whale, Pink Elephant, Purple Whale and Yellow Giraffe designs, each packaged in a charming drawstring pouch for great gift giving.

Blankets get softer every time they are washed and are a great size for snuggling, putting on the floor for baby to roll on or using as a wrap in a stroller. Lightweight quilts come in the same delightful patterns to keep tots warm without weighing them down. Quilts reverse to companion patterns on the other side so each is like two quilts in one. For a finishing touch, offer shoppers plush animal pillows that serve as companion pieces to the blankets and quilts.

Naaya offerings are wonderful presents for new parents with ample wow appeal and super style. Beautiful baby blankets:

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