Delivering Perfect Baby Shower Gifts

Odette Williams

When your customers go to a baby shower, they don’t want to just give a good gift, they want to give a GREAT gift; one that the expectant parents will use, love and remember well into the future. It helps to be informed about which baby gifts are hot and trending right now. It also helps to know what type of people the expectant parents are. Are they the kind who want only the basics and don’t really make a fuss about style, or are will they want their baby to be the coolest one on the block? The following companies –– Mini Maniacs, Odette Williams, Wry Baby and Jaxxwear –– are a good fit for parents in the latter category, although they would likely delight just about any expectant mom and dad. Their products are modern, functional, and super-cute.

Mini Maniacs for Baby “Rock Stars”

Mini Maniacs
Babies are a lot like rock stars. They’re loud rule-breakers who get plenty of love from their adoring fans, and they sure know how to trash a room. So why not dress your baby like a rock star, right down to the bib? Bibs are usually seen as no-frills, small-time baby accessories right up there with washcloths and white one-pieces. Traditional cloth bibs may come in your typical cute baby designs, but soon they become decorated with a rainbow of food stains that often don’t completely wash out. Now there are bibs that handle the mess AND look awesome at the same time.

Mini Maniacs bibs have clear vinyl on the front and durable pleather on the back, making them able to take whatever a baby can dish out. It isn’t just the functionality of these bibs that make them different from the rest; they also come in a variety of cool designs, featuring everything from punk plaid to black tie to Bento boxes. They’re sure to get compliments at restaurants and family gatherings, and best of all they can be easily wiped clean and used again and again.

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Odette Williams Has Clothes for Chefs and Mischief Makers

Odette Williams
Odette Williams was born in Sydney, but now lives in Brooklyn, NY. This big move inspired her to create a line of children’s clothing and accessories that reflects her own unique life experiences and perspective. Browsing through Williams’ collection, you’ll find a small yet chic assortment of one-pieces, tees and pants in striking variations of black, navy and red on white backgrounds. Her 100% organic cotton pieces are light and airy, perfect for lounging, learning and play.

In addition to the clothing, there’s also a selection of screen-printed chef’s aprons for kids. This may seem like a quirky specialty, but in today’s market of health-conscious parents it makes a lot of sense. More families are seeking to get away from the hurried, unhealthy lifestyle that puts them in the drive-thru line throughout the week. They want to spend time when they can on “slow food” that they prepare and enjoy in their own kitchens. This often means getting the kids involved too. What better way to teach them about the importance of mindful eating than to allow them to express their culinary creativity? And why shouldn’t they look adorable while they do it?

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Wry Baby Brings on the Laughter

Wry Baby
Becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing events that can happen to a person. Humor is often among the best ways to deal with all those new responsibilities and sleepless nights; that’s why fun and funny gifts are popular choices for baby showers. Wry Baby is a collection of humorous babywear and gifts made to lighten the mood for parents and bring a smile to the faces of the new baby’s admirers.

Snapsuits include sayings like “Poop Factory”, “Silently Judging You” and “Born to Fight Zombies.” There are also Super Snapsuits that come with a built in mini-cape and the slogan “I’m Super” or “Super Cute”.

For some more fun, parents can get a one-piece from the company’s “Mysterio Predicts” collection. With this option, a “mentalist” named Mysterio predicts your child’s future profession and sends an outfit announcing the big news.

The most unusual – and silly – gift available from Wry Baby is the Meat Baby, a 5 lb. roll of raw bologna wrapped up in a baby blanket. Yes, this is a real gift, and it’s not just for a laugh either; many parents find it comes in handy to provide quick snacks on the run.

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Jaxxwear Offers Pima Cotton Babywear

The World of Eric Carle by Jaxxwear
Some parents introduce their children to art at a very young age. They feel that exposing kids to a variety of artistic images will stimulate their minds and help open them up to their own creative impulses later in life. That’s why it’s not uncommon to find artwork on the walls of nurseries these days, and now, on infant clothing as well. Jaxxwear is a New-York based company offering 100% Peruvian Pima cotton babywear, printed with designs by respected international artists.

Customers can choose from a selection of luxury one-pieces, bubble dresses, footies and skirted rompers. The designs are bright and fun, with themes including spaceships, ocean creatures, insects, strawberries, and many more, but instead of generic factory prints, these patterns have the unique air of true artistic creations. For example, the caterpillar pattern may look familiar to some parents because it is the work of writer/illustrator Eric Carle, whose popular Caterpillar and Friends series is a preschool favorite.

Jaxxwear is a great gift choice for expectant parents who are socially aware and eco-conscious. The natural Peruvian cotton used by Jaxxwear provides excellent softness and comfort for baby’s delicate skin, and it is manufactured in Peru by workers in socially-responsible factories.

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