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Parenting is an adventure.

Co-Founders Dave and Kelly Sopp of Wry Baby say, “Parenting is an adventure. Overall, it’s pretty darn fun. And actually, we’ve found the same goes for starting a company. Our philosophy for both? Laugh. We try to do it as frequently as possible. Our own son has developed a pretty wry wit, so we think it’s working. We hope you enjoy our collection of clothing and gifts! And most of all, we hope you raise funny people!”

Wry Baby offers snapsuits, outfits, fun gifts and one-of-a-kind creations, plus an organic collection, all with their own brand of wit, fun, humor and wry wit. With a gift from Wry Baby, it comes with fun and function that makes people laugh and smile!

P.O. Box 1232 • Mooresville, North Carolina 28115-1232
Contact: Dave & Kelly Sopp
Phone: (704) 660-6955
Fax: (704) 660-5942