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Kelli’s Gift Shop Suppliers is now in its 12th year of business, and we’re more excited than ever about our future! Anybody who visits our office in Carrollton, Texas knows that Kelli’s Number One rule is: If we don’t take care of the customer, someone else will!

For those of you who haven’t met us in person and don’t know our story, Kelli’s was started in 2000 when our founders sold their hospital gift shops and started a wholesale company dedicated to serving the special needs of hospital gift shops & pharmacies. For 20 years, their shops taught them firsthand what was truly needed from a vendor. And because they were frustrated when they went out in the marketplace to try and find ONE reliable source for a variety of quality products at fair prices with fast delivery and exemplary customer service, they decided that the only solution to the problem of finding this dream supplier was to become that supplier. Thus, Kelli’s was born!

Kelli’s offers more than 3,500 items representing more than 700 vendors in 11+ categories. We typically ship within 24 hours and we will always bend over backwards to take good care of you. You can place your orders in a variety of ways: by phone, fax, email or web! Kelli’s produces three catalogs each year, our full-line in December/January, our Spring/Seasonal in May/June and our Fall catalog in September. Each of them typically includes 400± new items that have never appeared in a Kelli’s catalog before.

3311 Boyington Drive #400 • Carrollton, Texas 75006
Phone: (888) 609-8860
Local: (972) 759-7000
Fax: (888) 609-8861
Local Fax: (972) 759-7001