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Sweet Cottontail

It’s time for another crop of products proudly made in the U.S.A. Innovation has long been the benchmark of American products. Many American companies have designed products that put them ahead of the times, ensuring that their goods will impress prospective customers and securing their place in the business world. This fact is no less true for companies that produce products made for babies and children.

Kids’ tastes change rapidly, so it’s vital to stay ahead of the pack. Moms also want to keep their babies and children outfitted with the latest in comfort and style; what was just fine last year will likely not make the cut on the playground today. And it’s not just appearance that counts; function plays a huge role in products meant to make parents’ lives easier, and environmental integrity is the new “must”. Logan and Lenora, bZipt, theMINIclassy and Sweet Cottontail are all bringing something fresh and new to the world of children’s products.

Logan and Lenora Offers Carefree and Odor-Free Diaper Bags

Logan and Lenora
Babies are experts in making a mess, and they haven’t yet developed the social graces to know that there are times and places where making a mess is very inconvenient. Moms are sometimes caught off guard by a major spit-up, diaper explosion or spilled drink while they’re out and about with the little ones. Many parents travel with plastic bags to contain wet and smelly messes, but these aren’t the best option.

Logan and Lenora is a company that offers diaper bags specially made from medical-grade barrier material that holds in wetness and odors more effectively than most other diaper bag materials. Parents can choose from a selection of bag sizes, from petit pouches for quick jaunts, to the Daytripper, their largest bag meant for longer excursions. The bags are available in several prints, including Owls, Blue Elephant, and Breezy Athenian. In addition to bags, the company also offers organic burp cloths in 100% cotton.

Owner and Lead Designer Rachel Danish founded Logan and Lenora based on her passion for beautiful, functional baby accessories and her desire to protect the planet’s resources. The company is named after her grandmother Lenora, a seamstress, and her firstborn son, Logan.

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bZipt Leggings Have a Leg Up in Getting Dressed

Leggings can look great with the right outfit, and many kids love them because they’re comfortable and easy to wear during playtime. The downside of leggings is that they’re not always easy to put on and take off. Much like a pair of too-tight jeans, leggings can make the wearer engage in some crazy acrobatics –– jumping, twisting, wiggling –– just to get dressed in the morning. This is even harder for young kids, who still need some help getting dressed.

If only there was a less complicated way to wear leggings! Now there is, with bZipt. These innovative leggings zip open quickly and easily, making the process of getting dressed a lot less complicated. bZipt leggings have a slightly looser fit than traditional leggings, but they still will look good with your child’s favorite T-shirt, skirt or long sweater. They can also be worn like thermals under another pair of pants for extra warmth in cold weather. They’re perfect for quick dressing after sports activities, too.

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theMINIclassy Is Retro Active

theMINIclassy’s tagline is “Swaggin’ Out Babies!” While this reference to popular slang may give parents a giggle, this hip clothing line definitely delivers in the “swag” department; their edgy, urban style is unlike anything you’ll find at a department store.

theMINIclassy offers a funky collection of pants and skirts in various styles, including crops, leggings, joggers, and shorts. While all the pieces are great, their harem pants are the star of the show and the company’s best-seller. These colorful, comfy pants come in a variety of wild patterns that will remind parents of early 90’s fashions. Kids can top off their look with one of theMINIclassy’s headband bows. These large, printed bands are made of soft cotton-blend material, so they’re easy to wear even for kids who are picky about hair accessories.

theMINIclassy’s owners are two innovative young moms who go by the names of Mimi Lopezz and Rae Rae Royall. Inspired by their shared love of children and the arts, the pair set out to create a company that stands out from the crowd. The clothing is sold in limited quantities, making each style special. Parents won’t have to worry about every kid on the playground wearing the same exact pants as their child.

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Sweet Cottontail Is Inspired by Vintage Fashions

Sweet Cottontail
New Albany, Ohio is home to a children’s clothing company that captures the spirit of Southern style in every button and stitch. Sweet Cottontail offers beautifully crafted kid’s wear with a vintage look.

Their cotton sateen dresses come in classic white or light pink and feature delicate lace details, keyhole buttons and other flourishes that make them unique. They’re the kind of dresses that parents will want to dress their little girls in for family portraits or summer events. The pieces are distinctive enough to have a high-fashion feel, with lots of potential to expand the collection.

Co-founder Sarah Oakley saw a market for children’s dresses modeled on heirloom pieces. She loved the innocent, classic style of a bygone era, yet she knew how difficult it could be for parents to find that type of clothing. Sweet Cottontail debuted at a trade show in New York in March of this year, and will have several trunk shows in the Columbus area and other locations from now through 2015.

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