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Spring Swings

Much has been made of the lack of activity of today’s youngsters. Some kids don’t want to participate in organized sports, they want to live on the edge. And for them there’s a whole world of adventure sports that can be set up right at home. Take for example, slacklining. Slacklining is the act of balancing along a narrow, flexible piece of webbing which is low to the ground and usually anchored between two trees. Originating in the climbing world, slacklining has evolved into a cross-trainer, backyard activity and sport all its own.

GIBBON and Slackline Industries pioneered slacklining and continue to offer cutting-edge accessories. Skateboards and swings might seem more familiar to your customers, but classics have been tossed firmly into this century at Flexdex with lighted boards, and at Spring Swings with swings, ziplines and hang bars to encourage creative outdoor play. Help kids get fit in the most fun ways with new outdoor adventures.

GIBBON Toes a New Line

Since 2007, GIBBON has stood for a new generation of lifestyle in slacklining. It started out as a small circle of friends that were passionate about slacklining, and grew to a community of like-minded adventurers all over the world. From Japan to Brazil, from USA to Europe, GIBBON slacklining has become a known brand.

As the pioneers of 2-part slackline sets, GIBBON has perfectly adapted packages for beginners, depending on what they want to concentrate on. For those who want to walk like a tightrope and build distance, the Tube Line set and and Flow Line set are best. The Tube Line has tubular webbing that creates a really soft and comfortable feel when balancing and walking. Thanks to the double ratchet setup, the Tube Line can be tensioned up to a distance of 18m.

Tweens who want to toy with tricks and jumps will jibe with the Jib Line X13. Beginners who want some balance can tiptoe on to the Classic, Fun and Travel X13 lines. The Fun Line X13 can be set up low to the ground for safety and has rubber coated print that adds more grip to the line for first timers.

Pick up the slack in your adventure offerings at www.gibbon-slacklines.com

Slackline Industries Adds Adventure to Balanced Exercise

Slackline Industries
Slackline Industries will fuel the next generation of slacklining by making it easy and accessible to everyone. The 2-inch webbing and ratchet tensioning design make the products friendlier to walk on and easier to set up. No additional tools or rigging are needed; just the kit and a couple of trees and it’s ready to go.

The Slackline Industries Play Line turns any environment into a playground with this kit designed specifically for beginners of any age. The lines are easy to set up and feature custom-designed material with rubber coating for easy learning. The help line has arm position trainers included to place above the slackline to aid in proper form. Another piece of webbing acts as an arm position guide to assist with balance and form.

Slacklines come with an easy-to-use ratchet, 8-feet of webbing and a reinforced loop to firmly anchor and tension the slackline. The handle grip is made of soft plastic for comfortable and efficient tensioning and the ratchet release is also rubberized for easy and safe release of the line tension. Slackline Industries has also recently partnered with YogaSlackers to support their unique fusion of yoga and slacklining.

Line up at www.slacklineindustries.com

Flexdex Updates Skateboards

Skateboarding has never gone out of style. Flexdex has been making a name in the skating world with lighted boards. Start with superior quality parts providing a high-performance ride that experts and novices alike appreciate. Then add lights and you’ve got one-of-a-kind longboard. The Clear29 LT lighted longboard skateboard is a hot seller that looks great both day and night. It is made from clear polycarbonate for a super smooth ride and light dispersal. Like a hovering UFO, these boards are awesome whether a kid wants to shred or cruise.

For traditionalists, Flexdex brought back the Fat Daddy: A 60” longboard made of ply birch. Pair the deck with the 10” Chargers and the Seismic Hot Spot wheels. Simple shredders will love the Classic 29, which is hailed as the commando of the Flexdex lineup. It’s one of the lightest and most responsive boards the line has to offer. Offer some throwback Bart Simpson style boards with the City Deck. This iconic ‘70s board has an old-school look with modern ride. The indestructible deck is so small it can fit in a backpack or locker, and the polycarbonate board has a lifetime warranty.

Help get kids off the couch and on some wheels at www.flexdex.com

Spring Swings Adds Bounce to the Swing Route

Spring Swings
Swings might seem like a strange thing to bring up when talking about adventure sports, but Spring Swings aren’t for your neighborhood kiddie park. Spring Swings are spring-loaded swings brought to you by a company that pioneered the design, development and manufacturing of zip lines and compression technology. That technology was expanded to safely amp up the average tree-hanger by letting swingers bounce up and down, as well as going round and round.

Already planning your spring showroom but worried about safety? Spring Swings meet or exceed ASTM standard consumer safety performance specifications for home and public use playground equipment. Assure your customers that Spring Swings are simple swings. The swings easily attach to the support beam so all parents need to supply is a rope and a tree. The swings include your traditional sling seats or a round disc seat for easier pushoff.

If swings aren’t enough adventure, Spring Swings also offers ziplines, including the Zipline Fun Super Z that includes a 90’ steel cable, trolley unit, and easy to install directions. Change things up with the Twist Whiz, a spinning bar for all ages that hangs from a tree.

All Spring Swings products are made in the U.S.A. and can be found at www.springswings.com

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