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Nina & Nelli

Kids are always being asked to settle down and be quiet. While the old adage “children should be seen and not heard” is mostly a relic of a bygone era, kids still have to follow some rules that demand they suppress their natural spunk, energy and wackiness in order to suit certain situations, like school, holidays, and family functions. Girls, in particular, are often expected to be prim and proper, even though they are usually brimming with just as much energy as their male counterparts.

Fashion is just one of the many ways girls show their sass and independence, often picking out their own clothing at a young age. Even if these early ensembles are far from Vogue-ready, they’re a sign that the child is starting to develop her own sense of self and autonomy. Molly Glitz, Zaza Couture, Nina & Nelli, and Celegrity Kids all offer looks that lean slightly toward the bold and avant garde, while still staying solidly in the confines of comfortable, easygoing children’s wear.

Molly Glitz Brings the Bling

Molly Glitz
Sometimes a girl just needs a little bling. This holds true whether the girl is 5 or 95. While not all girls like glitter, glam and jewelry, a good number of them enjoy wearing glitzy pieces at least now and then. An eye-catching bangle or bauble can make her feel special, pampered, and sophisticated, especially when she’s at the age where fashion starts to matter. At this age, many youngsters want to move away from jewelry that screams “little kid”. They want something that’s higher quality and realistic looking while not being matronly or boring,

Molly Glitz is a New Jersey based jewelry maker that offers several distinct and lovely collections for children and tweens. Molly Glitz features bracelets, necklaces and charm bracelets with a fun range of sparkly embellishments, all geared toward a sweet, youthful sense of fashion.

The Cherry Delight collection is scrumptious with its bright ruby red cherries dangling temptingly from sparkly green stems. The Pretty Princess collection makes every girl feel special with its tiny jeweled crowns in a choice of colors. The Tea Time collection is sure to tickle a girl’s fancy with its miniature, gem-dotted teapots and cookies.

Molly Glitz products make beautiful gifts for holidays, birthdays, milestones or just because. Most every girl can find something she likes from this classy company.

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Zaza Couture: Colorful, Cool, Contemporary

Zaza Couture
There’s everyday clothing, there’s party clothing, and then there’s clothing from Zaza Couture. This unique designer offers a breathtaking line of tops, dresses, and pants pieces that are like nothing else you’ll find in ordinary stores.

Zaza’s owner, Tereze Gruntmane, seeks inspiration for her designs from nature, specifically flowers, as well as music and art. Each of her many collections have a name and a theme that embodies the colors, shapes and vibes that inspired it. The Dallas-based designer is a native of the small Baltic country Latvia, and her quirky design style is a result of a mix of diverse cultural influences.

The use of vibrant colors, large prints and lots of bold embellishments are the common threads that run through the Zaza line. It’s part of a growing trend of craft-style fashion, derived from various folk and modern craft disciplines and popular on sites like Pinterest and Etsy.

Zaza interprets this look beautifully, giving each of the designs a theme and a name. Much of the line as an almost psychedelic 60’s look because of its wild colors, and some of the cuts call to mind vintage dresses from the turn of the 20th Century, but in the end the designs are a fun free-for-all that isn’t confined to any specific era.

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Nina & Nelli Dresses for All Occasions

Nina & Nelli
Variety is the spice if life. Kids start to realize this at a young age and often seek out multiple options in food, activities, and clothing. They’re growing and changing daily, and so are their tastes and preferences, and their style should reflect that. Some kids’ clothing designers specialize in one look or another, but it’s rare to find one that offers a wide variety of styles to choose from.

Introducing Nina & Nelli. Dance, drama, travel, adventure…. they offer styles inspired by all of this and more. The unabashedly feminine attire from this Los Angeles designer interprets glamorous lifestyle themes into cute, comfy, kid-friendly togs for girls sizes 2T to 14.

Nina & Nelli offers a wide selection with multiple collections and different themes, so there’s a little something for everyone. Their “Romantic” collection lets a little girl live out her princess dreams with soft frills, lovely flowers and delicate patterns in pink and blue pastels. For the girl who’s into an edgier style, the “Cool Girl” collection features separates in unique patterns and prints that can be mixed and matched to create stand-out looks. The San Tropez line brings a refreshing island breeze to dresses and pants sets, while the College collection has the perfect combination of fashion and comfort for a day at school.

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Celegrity Kids Reach for the Stars

Celegrity Kids
Celegrity Kids is a company built on the belief that everyone can be a star in his or her own life. That’s why they create designs that let kids express their own special sense of fashion and individuality. Leggings are essential pieces for every girl’s wardrobe. Whether worn with a warm wool skirt in the fall or with a simple long tank top in summer, they’re a great blend of comfort and style.

Like any clothing staple, leggings can get a bit boring without the right accessorizing, and Celegrity Kids has just the cure for those blahs! These fun, frilly additions come in a variety of colors and styles and are interchangeable, allowing youngsters the ability to choose their own look depending on their outfit or mood. These accessories can put just the right amount of festive flair into a holiday outfit, jazz up a dance costume, or turn an everyday school outfit into an ensemble that’s ready for the weekend.

Celegrity’s owner is a mom of three daughters who’s quite familiar with the joys and challenges of getting kids dressed every day. She wanted to create accessories that would give girls more options for changing up their wardrobe. Her positive outlook and creative spirit are evident throughout the Celegrity Kids leg wear line.

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