Back(Pack) to School!


It seems like just yesterday that summer vacation started, but the rush to plan and buy back-to-school supplies has already begun. It feels good to be prepared well ahead of time, and browsing fresh back-to-school offerings gives kids and parents a good idea of the trends on the horizon for the fall semester.

While clothing gets the majority of attention at this time of year, supplies and accessories like pencil cases, binders, and of course, backpacks, are essential for not only a student’s academic life, but also their ability to remain organized, cool and confident.

Backpacks aren’t the only kinds of bags kids are likely to need as this exciting time of year approaches. School brings along with it new opportunities for extracurricular activities, trips, sporting and social events that may require kid-size suitcases, shoulder bags and other types of carry-ons. Companies like PetSac, Animal Head Backpacks, Hug-mi and Okiedog all have something new and different to offer.

PetSac: The Plush Pal with a Surprise Inside

Kids of all ages love plush toys. The bond with these toys are usually forged in the formative years and prove difficult to break. Some children want plush toys by the dozens in their rooms, and may even want to take them to school, especially in the preschool and kindergarten years.

Now parents can make the most of their child’s love for plush toys AND help kick off the school year right with a PetSac. PetSac is a unique backpack that’s both stylish and convenient. It’s sure to help a kid stand out from the crowd and get plenty of compliments from their peers.

A PetSac looks just like your regular everyday plushie at first. It’s available in various cute characters, including monkey, dog, classic teddy bear and more. Each Pet Sac features a secret opening in the back that opens to reveal a full sized backpack. When the backpack is opened, the plush toy remains attached, like an adorable pet that tags along with the child to school. The backpacks come in a range of colors and are made of light, durable, easy to clean nylon material, similar to that used for parachutes.

Plushie packs for all:

Animal Head Backpacks: Walk on the Wild Side

Animal Head Backpacks
Most of us have seen kids with hats or backpacks that feature friendly animal faces. They’ve been popular for years now and show no sign of dying out. It’s easy to see why they’re so popular. Most children love cuddly animals, and that love often extends well into the middle schools years.

For most kids, however, there comes a time when wearing bright, cartoonish animal backpacks is no longer “cool” and they’re ready to move on to more mature, edgier fashions. That’s where Animal Head Backpacks come in. These awesomely realistic backpacks resemble real tiger, lion, and panther heads in size and detail, giving them a striking, fierce appearance that older kids and teens will love. From the intelligent eyes to the authentic-looking markings, these packs are definitely conversation starters.

As kids get older, they start to be assigned larger amounts of homework and projects. This means they need the appropriate size backpack for their changing needs. The large size of Animal Head backpacks is perfect for toting heavier loads. Whether a kid is a wildlife enthusiast, or just wants a backpack with a high “wow factor”, Animal Head Backpacks might be just what they’re looking for.

Fierce meets fashion:

Hug-mi: Watch the Fun Unfold

Introducing the Hug-mi, the backpack that’s also a costume! The Hug-mi features a central backpack that functions like any other carry bag, allowing the child to take along their necessities and favorite items like snacks, toys and drinks. The only difference is that the pack has straps that go over the front of the child instead of just the back. This standard-looking pack has hidden arms and hood that can be unfolded to create a neat costume.

There are 4 different types of Hug-mi backpack wear. The Ani-mi quickly and easily unfolds into a fun animal costume. The Hug-mi is a bit more detailed and features a different cast of characters, but basically functions the same way as the Ani-mi, enfolding the child in a colorful koala, monkey, panda, turtle, ladybug or dragon.

Flagwear for ages 7 and up is a pack that converts into a flag wrap featuring the logo of your favorite sports team. Techwear (ages 12+) is a utility backpack for camping, fishing and other outdoor activities. It converts into a waterproof, thermal vest or hi-vis vest with UV protection.

All Hug-mi products are designed to keep kids warm, cozy, and entertained:

Okiedog: Be Part of the Pack

Choosing a backpack or carryall isn’t just about color and pattern; there are quite a few more things to consider when deciding which one to leave the store with. When it comes to backpack design, its important to have options regarding size and type, because every child’s needs are different. Whether a child is off to school, on a jaunt to the mall, or on a big, exciting vacation, they’ll need places to store all their things easily and efficiently. Okiedog is a company that offers a full line of bags for adults and kids of all ages.

Most of Okiedog’s bags sport an animal theme. The only exception is the Tiny Treasures line, a great option for those looking for a small bag. These doll/pocketbook hybrids come in the form of fairies, ballerinas and more, with dangling legs, high ponytails, and expressive faces.

The company’s Wildpack line offers standard backpacks as well as suitcases, shoulder bags and wheeled cases. The animal characters have a pleasant cartoon character look and rich, bright colors.

These four legged friends are the perfect traveling companion for young children, because they provide a sense of comfort and safety as well as encouraging kids to learn how to organize and pack their own belongings. See them all at

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