Hip, Funky, Wearable Art from Artemix Fashion

Tina Klideris - Founder of Artemix

Fun, Funky, Hip Clothes for Children

Artemix Fashion is a hip, funky brand of limited edition, airbrushed shirts for kids. Artemix Fashion was created by Tina Klideris. Since 1998 Tina has been creating quality products and services. She began with a private label makeup line and has evolved into body art, tattoos and clothing. She was featured by Us Weekly magazine in 2004.

Artemix Fashion’s newest offering is the Deuce Collection, designed by New Mexico artist, Peter Gonzalez. The Deuce Collection showcases what is essentially wearable art. Long and short sleeve cotton t-shirts are airbrushed to incorporate a fusion of nature and fantasy that results in cool, one-of-a-kind clothing that modern, hip kids and their parents will love. The Deuce Collection includes twelve unique designs that blend “urban design with youthful flare. Each shirt Artemix Fashion sells is individually airbrushed and signed by artist Peter Gonzalez.

A unique inspiration of creativity!

Each piece is original artwork

American Apparel, which uses 100% sustainable organic cotton that is chemical and pesticide free, makes the shirts that The Deuce Collection uses. The airbrush paint used on each shirt is FDA approved and non-toxic to ensure the safety of the kids wearing the clothing. Their designs are available to wholesale distributors and can be found in specialty boutiques around the world. Artemix Fashion designs are available in children’s sizes 2-12. To contact Artemix Fashion call 888-Artemix or visit http://www.artemixfashion.com.

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