Kids Travel Part 3: Creativity On-the-Go!

Car Valet From Alex

A fold-out desk that attaches the headrest of the front seat

Are we there yet? As part of our Kid’s Travel Series the Giggle Guide™ has found some of the newest and most inventive products out there to keep kids busy, and quiet, on those long car rides and extended layovers. When children are in the van, go creative (like “Van Gogh”!). These brands offer little artists great MPG (masterpieces per gallon) when on-the-road: Alex Toys, Klutz, Alfonsi Venetis Kids, and Lap Desk.

Car Valet Gets Creativity Racing

Car Valet from Alex

The perfect way to take along art activities in the car
Alex Toys believes open-ended, creative play is the best way to stimulate little minds. This arts-and-crafts based line offers hundreds of great products to keep little hands and imaginations working. When do you need to keep kids busy more than on a trip? Alex Toys doesn’t disappoint. Their Car Valet attaches to the back of the front seat and provides a space for games, art, and organizing toys at arms reach. The valet zips up into a case holding all supplies and toys in their place. When ready to play, the front zips open and folds down to make a play area right at your child’s fingertips.

Suitable for ages 3 and up the car valet has zippered pockets for crayons and odds and ends and mesh holders to keep other supplies in place. The folded down lid makes for a perfect art desk. $32.99 retail.

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Klutz Activity Books Make Getting There More Than Half the Fun

Klutz Backseat Survival Kit

Backseat Survival Kit offers hours of entertainment
Klutz is a fun company started by three Stanford students teaching other students how to juggle. The company has exploded over the years and includes endless games and how-to books. With an entire line of toys devoted to travel, Klutz is a one-stop shop for keeping minds and hands busy on the road and in the air. With books that engage kids with lacing, doodling, flipping, and playing with suction cups these are some of the most entertaining books around! The Tricky Stickies spiral book includes 300 clean release sticky notes with fun games like making a window aquarium of sticky fish. The Amazing Lacing book includes spirally laces that loop through holes in the book so kids can create pictures along with the story.

The most comprehensive product, for ages 6 and up, is the Backseat Survival Kit which offers hours of entertainment. This award-wining product includes a 100 -age game pad, string, markers, and games galore! The Backseat Survival Kit retails for $19.95.

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Alfonsi Venetis Chalk Mats — No Sidewalks Required!

Alfonsi Venetis Oilcloth Chalk Mat

Portable, and sure to keep kids busy
Alfonsi Venetis was started by childhood friends Kristen Alfonsi and Alisha Venetis with the drive to make fashionable and functional items for kids. The Alfonsi Venetis Oilcloth Chalk Mat is chic, portable, and sure to keep kids entertained. Kids can use the mat as a chalkboard in the car, on the plane, or just about anywhere. Available in 19 modern chic patterns.

Each mat rolls up to fit in tight spaces, and easily wipes clean. Mats come with two pieces of chalk. This specially designed oilcloth is produced from vinyl and is stain resistant and waterproof. Alfonsi Venetis Kids focuses on giving back by donating a portion of their profits to charities for women and children; Elizabeth Glacier Pediatric Aids and Gifts from Above. $18.50 retail.

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2-in-1 Dream Desk is Above the Rest

2-in-1 Dream Desk

The desk even includes a drawer that pulls out to store markers and supplies.
The 2-in-1 Dream Desk offers two functions in one! This product serves as an art desk perfect for sitting on little laps in the car or plane. The best feature is that it flips over when little ones are ready for some shut eye. This desk and pillow combo allows children to comfortably use the desk on their lap, and offers added support when used as a pillow. The desk even includes a drawer that pulls out to store markers and supplies. Perfect for storing snacks too. The pillow is made of super-soft fleece. The 2-in-1 Dream Desk is recommended by the social shopping site. The 2-in1 Dream Desk is manufactured by Lap Desk.

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