MOGO is Charming Girls

Charm bracelets have long been a popular accessory for teenage girls and women alike; they offer a terrific way to exchange memories and convey messages to friends and family. With this in mind, MOGO has created a modern and innovative interpretation of the classic charm bracelet that tweens, teens and moms love. Their adjustable magnetic charm bands are amazingly versatile, offering unlimited, stylish fashion options.

MOGO was formed in 2006 with the goal to provide new, modern trend-setting accessories for pre-teens, teenagers and mothers. The MOGO product line consists of linkable charm bands and magnetic charms. The charm bands can be “linked” to create an assortment of charm accessories, including a choker, bracelet, anklet, belt or a headband.

MOGO 7” adjustable charmbands are available in five, two-sided colors: pink with an orange underside, orange with a pink underside, blue with gray, gray with blue and black with black. The charmband has a metal ring on one end and an elastic band on the other end. To connect the bands, put the loop through the ring and connect it to one of the rivets on the back side of the band. Such fashion versatility adds to the “charm” of MOGO.

MOGO magnetic charms come packaged singly or in themed sets, including Groovy Love, Lucky, Twirly Girl, Pet Pals, Peace Time and Key to My Heart. The single MOGO charms are great for spelling out favorite phrases, names or words. Each alphabet charm features a letter on a colorful background design. The themed sets each include three magnetic MOGO charms and a reusable magnetic tin. The charms are perfect for gift-giving, swapping and sharing with friends. MOGO Charmbands retail for $15 each and charm sets in tins are $12 each.

This past October, MOGO had a successful showing at the ENK Children’s Club, and recently made a return visit to January’s ENK.

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