Krumblers are Neat, Reusable Napkins

Snackers of all ages can grab finger foods on the go without worrying abut spilling food on their clothes, when they use The Krumbler from Green Giraffes. This durable cloth napkin can be placed over the lap or tied around the neck to catch falling crumbs and keep splashes of drinks from staining clothes. The ties on the sides are designed to allow for easy roll up after eating so the Krumbler can be stowed in a bag and taken anywhere.

The worthwhile idea behind a washable cloth napkin is to promote an environmentally-friendly way to reduce or eliminate the need to use disposable paper napkins when eating or drinking. This green cause is the reason why the Krumbler is popular among environmentalists and nature lovers. Party lovers and moms fancy the colorful designs and eye-catching prints of Krumblers, which can be mixed and matched to coordinate with lots of different outfits.

The Soft Leopard Print Krumbler, with light pink minky rose on the back, and the Pink Zebra Krumbler, with plush hot pink swirl on the back, are two of the bestselling Krumblers. Chocolate lovers are sweet on the Chocolate Whimsy Krumbler, designed with a scrumptious chocolate pattern and minky dots on the back. The simple yet elegant Black Micro-Suede, with soft white striped minky on the back, is a perfect gift for both men and women. Each adult Krumbler is priced at $15.99.

Kiddie Krumblers, which come in sophisticated fabrics and designs, are great to use as handkerchiefs or table napkins. They can even be personalized by adding a monogram which Green Giraffe will embroider for you by request for an additional $5. The Satin Pink Polka Dot Krumbler and the Black and White Cobblestone Krumbler make little ladies look daintier than ever. For animal lovers, the Fuzzy Leopard Print and Minky Giraffe Krumblers are a catch. Kiddie Krumblers are sold individually at $11.99 apiece.

Also available for kids are Chalk Cloth Kiddie Krumblers. Kids have fun drawing on one side, and keep clean while eating on the other! All Chalk Cloth Krumblers come with a pocket to hold chalk. These Krumblers are perfect for entertaining kids in restaurants, on airplanes, and in cars and retail for $13.99.

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