Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it SNOW TO GO®!

Winter is fast approaching and with that comes the excitement of SNOW! Something about the delicacy and pureness of a fresh snowfall is captivating as it floats from the heavens and blankets the earth below. Children are especially taken with the phenomenon of snow and, from the first flake, long to touch it, roll around in it, and hurl it into the air! Yet not every child gets to experience snow, or at least not as often as they’d like. With Snow To Go®, children can celebrate the joy of snow all year long!

Gift Bliss Enterprises is a wholesale source for new, trendy, and unusual gifts. One of its most popular products is Snow To Go. After many years of research and trying different types of polymer snows, Gift Bliss believes they have found the perfect product for consumers. Michael Penna, owner of Gift Bliss Enterprises, explains what sets Snow To Go apart from other snow products, “The creation of artificial snow is immediate (no stirring no waiting), the moment that water is added to our snow powder - or our snow powder is added to water - you will see snow created. A very small amount of our snow powder makes a lot of snow. Our instant snow is fluffy like wonderful soft fresh snow. Shortly after the artificial snow is created it will start to feel cool to the touch. There is no offensive smell to our snow, like others which we have tested. Snow To Go® does not blow around like dry artificial snow which is sometimes used for decorating.”

Snow To Go® is great for holiday decorating, in floral arrangements, and even in holiday cards! But Snow To Go is not just for decoration and entertaining adults…kids LOVE Snow To Go as well! What child isn’t mesmerized by snow? With Snow To Go they can enjoy it year round. Children love using it for crafts, imaginative play, and even magic tricks. Many teachers love using the snow for science lessons about polymers or to generate excitement when teaching about weather and precipitation. Adult supervision is required when using Snow To Go® and is not recommended for children under 4.

To bring the joy of year-round snow to your customers, and see a variety of other gifts, slide on over to www.giftblisssales.com