7 A.M. ENFANT Travel Innovations are Handy Anytime!

Barcelona Bag

7 A.M. ENFANT, the stylish line of on-the-go baby accessories, incorporates top-quality craftsmanship with chic yet functional materials that are as pleasing to discriminating parents as they are to little ones. French designer Rebecca Campora is the brain behind the brand that encompasses many award-winning products, such as Blanket 212evolution and Le Sac Igloo.

7 A.M. ENFANT travel accessories are meticulously designed to work for moms who enjoy the combination of practicality and style. On the road and suddenly need to stash a wet diaper? Check. Toting a phone? Just pop it into the tidy compartment and clip on the keys for the ride. Dealing with an ever-expanding clutch of ointments and wipes? 7 A.M. ENFANT includes a trove of easy to get-at compartments for baby necessities as well receptacles for mom’s makeup and other personal items.

New Voyage Bag is Bon

Voyage Bag
The new Voyage Diaper Bag, available in stylish metallic or urban gray/black, matches 7 A.M. ENFANT’s Blanket 212evolution and features the exclusive “Door System,” designed for easy access to baby’s gear.

The Voyage bag, available in large and small, has two ample outside pockets, a built-in zippered case, inside mesh pocket, cushioned changing pad, bottle holder and the perfect size lunch box for baby’s meals or snacks. The insulated Voyage Bag is topped with easy-to-grab handles and includes both a handy shoulder strap and no-fuss fastening system to secure it to a stroller.

Barcelona Bag Provides Easy Access

Barcelona Bag
Some diaper bags practically scream function, but 7 A.M. ENFANT’s Barcelona Bag sits lightly on the shoulder looking chic while holding diapers, bottles and all the necessities for baby’s day on the go. The Barcelona Bag is insulated to keep snacks at the right temperature and includes a cushioned changing pad and adjustable stroller straps. It comes in a variety of fashionable colors so moms look and feel stylish while knowing baby’s needs are at hand.

The Barcelona Bag is all about accessibility, with a double-side zip opening system, two large snap outside pockets with magnet closure to keep gear securely packed and three deep inside pockets for bottles and other baby items. The Barcelona Bag features a water-repellant outer shell and lining so weather can’t damage the contents and spills wipe away in a jiffy. With this bag, there’s never a need to sacrifice fashion for practicality — it’s all here!

It’s time for a wake-up call for all that’s on the rise at www.7amenfant.com

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