Calego is the Go-To Source for Licensed Backpacks

In school, were you the one who had the plain black backpack filled with plastic pencil boxes and a lunchbox with a faded or ripped sticker of some character that was popular years ago? If so, did you covet those kids who showed up with the coolest branded backpack with the latest cartoon craze, complete with matching lunchbox and pencil case? It’s a common experience: in grade school especially, the backpack makes the man.

Chances are if you’ve seen a Dora the Explorer backpack or Shrek lunchbox floating around, it’s brought to you by the folks at Calego International. With each episode or movie, kids are clamoring for more merchandise plastered with their favorite character from the hottest cartoon or TV show. Calego carries in-demand licenses including Glee, Hot Wheels, Sesame Street, Caillou and Hello Kitty. Heard of a certain buxom doll named Barbie? Yeah, they have that too.

Themed backpacks aren’t the only thing Calego creates: kids can get coin purses and even umbrellas to complete their fanatical display of love for their favorite character.

From conception to final production, Calego International designs, produces and sells licensed products throughout Canada and around the globe. Known mostly for the in-demand backpacks that make a splash in schools everywhere, their clever corporate motto is: “We’ve got it in the bag.” Calego is dedicated to innovation and excellence. The backpacks have multiple compartments and organizers to be sure parents are buying quality items kids can actually use. To complement the backpacks, Calego produces pencil pouches and lunch kits.

Calego has emerged as the leader in children’s licensed and branded backpacks and bags. With at least 50 different styles, start ordering now for back-to-school as demand increases for shows like iCarly and Transformers for the tween set or the bald-headed buddy Caillou or Thomas the Train for younger kids.

You don’t need to wait until back-to-school business to order up some Caillou-branded bags that the neighbor kids will brag about. Want to do a travel theme for your store this summer? Carry Calego’s rolling luggage, backpacks and duffles to please toddlers to tweens with Elmo and Glee.

Get ready now for back-to-school backpack season! Visit