Glow Baby Helps Families Stay on Track

Getting organized is one of the big challenges of motherhood. Infants grow quickly and go through so many changes, it can be hard for a mom to keep up. Older kids have endless appointments, events, and extracurricular activities, and keeping on track is often difficult. Glow Baby is a company that produces useful and stylish stationery products to help a family’s schedule run smoothly.

Glow Baby, a Toronto-based company, is the brainchild of Lindsay Harris, a busy mom of two who found out firsthand how difficult it can be to juggle the needs of young children while tending to all the other responsibilities of work and home. After her second child was born, Harris coped with the chaos by keeping a journal that recorded her son’s feedings, diaper changes, nap times, and more. The journal helped the new mom bring some order to the sleep-deprived world of caring for a newborn, and also gave her a nice memory book to look back on in the coming years. That journal was the inspiration for the Glow Baby collection, which now offers a variety of journals, calendars, and other organizers.

The Organized Menu Planner allows families to arrange weekly meal schedules, create shopping lists and track nutritional information. Baby’s First Journal lets a parent record all the amazing details of a newborn’s first months, including important milestones, reactions to new foods, first words and other vital information. The journals are available in pink, blue or green and are designed in an attractive, classy style that isn’t too “babyish.”

Glow Baby understands that not everyone has time to do extensive scrapbooking. The My Story Memory Book is a memory book for parents who want to quickly and neatly arrange their child’s pictures, schoolwork, and awards in large-pocketed pages.

Staying organized isn’t just for parents of infants; the schedule just gets more packed as the years go by, and Glow Baby has tools to help. The Organized Family School Year Calendar can be a timekeeper for families, particularly those with multiple children. Keep track of parent-teacher meetings, sports games, classes, healthcare appointments and more.

There’s nothing like giving the gift of organization. Glow Baby offers gift packs that expecting parents will love. They include several of the best-selling organizational materials that come in a choice of colors.

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