Fohawx Decorate Bike Helmets to the Max

The inspiration for Fohawx was a seven-year-old boy named Alex who refused to wear his bike helmet on a family biking excursion because it wasn’t “cool.” In an attempt to make the helmet hip, his nine-year-old, very crafty sister Maya took the helmet to embellish it a bit. When she returned the helmet it had tissue paper glued to it, creating a faux Mohawk and dredlocks. Alex thought it was definitely rad and had no problem wearing it for the family ride. By the end of the ride the tissue paper was falling off, but the experience inspired mom Jocelyn Fine to begin experimenting with prototypes that eventually became Fohawx, a unique line of decorative appliqués for bike helmets.

Jocelyn, who has taught art and worked on the business development team at Toys R Us, collaborated with her friend Kelly Dineen who works on the visual merchandising team at Toys R Us to launch Fohawx. Their mission was to create a product that looked appealing enough that kids wanted to wear it, while giving parents peace of mind that their child’s head was protected.

Fohawx helmets are easy to attach to any size or shape bike helmet. Just peel off the adhesive strip and apply to the helmet, then attach the Fohawx to the included Velcro-like strip. Fohawx are constructed of lightweight foam material (EVA foam) and are water resistant. Fohawx are interchangeable and easy to remove with one quick pull so kids can swap out styles or trade with friends.

Five funky options are available now with more styles coming soon. Available now are wavz, featuring pale blue and grey overlapping waves; punkrox pink featuring a pink spiked mohawk with highlights; punkrox yellow with a yellow spiked mohawk with highlights; dredlox blue with long flowing strips in blue, green and black; and dredlox brown with long flowing strips in purple, orange and brown. Fohawx accessories allow kids to be extreme and safe at the same time.

With Fohawx, safety never looked so cool! For more information, visit