L’ovedbaby Feels Like a Hug for New Moms and Tots

Nursing smocks and covers are a great way to preserve privacy while breastfeeding. These covers provide a way to take care of business without everyone seeing your business. The problem with many nursing covers — in addition to being one more baby item to carry — is that they are often unattractive and some fabrics can overheat both mother and infant. L’ovedbaby is a company that offers useful and stylish products for new moms and their babies. The 4-in-1 Nursing Shawl is their most popular product, as well as the company’s flagship creation.

Founder Sharon Oved (Thus the perfect brand name, L’oved) struggled with finding the privacy to breastfeed her first child. As a working mom who was often on the go, Sharon found herself having to improvise nursing covers in an attempt to make public feeding less of a chore. Her first attempt at a nursing cover was a sheet, which worked well enough but left a lot to be desired in the way of style. After some fine-tuning, Sharon was able to create a nursing cover that was large enough to give moms full privacy, light enough to allow air circulation, and stylish enough for moms to enjoy wearing.

Seven classic colors of coverups are available, plus color-coordinated plush burping cloths to complete the feeding set. Both the Nursing Shawls and the burping cloths are machine washable and dryer-safe for easy cleaning.

L’ovedbaby has expanded its product line to include baby gift baskets as well a line of 100% cotton clothing that includes long or short sleeve body suits, caps, headbands, overalls, hoodies, leggings and more for infants and toddlers. For older kids, (sized 3T 4T and 5/6) there are more comfy cotton separates perfect for home, school or play.

For more information, www.lovedbaby.com

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