Security Products from American Blanket Company

Rick Lotuff grew up spending a lot of time in the women’s garment factory his father owned and operated in Massachusetts. He remembers sweeping the floors around the sewing machines and cutting tables for some candy given to him by the women seamstresses. He worked his way up to the spreader in the cutting department, where he learned the essentials of quality fabrics and their construction. However, in the mid-1980s, much of the higher volume women’s apparel production was being sent overseas and that would lead to the closing of his father’s factory.

In 1990, Rick Lotuff started his own small contract cutting company. Three years later a fleece fabric came into the shop to be used for a pullover top. Rick’s sister, who was in the shop on a break from law school, asked if she could cut some of the fabric to give as a blanket to her boyfriend. This little gesture gave Rick a big idea, and soon after, he cut a fleece throw sample and arranged a meeting with a large mass retailer in Massachusetts. The retailer purchased 3,600 pieces on the spot and Berkshire Blanket was born.

The company grew quickly, producing blankets for seven of the top ten retailers in the country. In 2006, they found a great partner who purchased Berkshire Blanket and runs this beloved brand to this day. American Blanket Company is proud of what it produces and uses only the highest quality products and finest materials in the makings of its bedding blankets, throw blankets, baby blankets and gift blankets.

American Blanket Company’s Basic Baby Blanket line provides little ones with the warmth, security and comfort they need, while creating a lifetime of memories of reading just one more story or singing one more lullaby wrapped up in plush, luxuriously soft, easy care fabrics that are guaranteed for life.

The Peaceful Touch blanket has the instant ability to take children to that peaceful place during nap or bedtime. Providing all the necessities you would expect in a blanket — warmth, comfort and softness — it’s the best place to be cuddled, next to a parent’s arms. The Supple Touch Blanket will have children melting into the smooth, plush warmth of this blanket that lets them feel cozy all night long.

The Luster Loft Blanket is the future of baby blankets. Luster Loft is a pleasing and innovative fabric never experienced before. It wraps precious babes in warm, cotton-ball softness. The feel of the lustrous fibers along with the visual and tactile experience creates a feeling of security.

The new Hand-Stitched Collection contains hand-stitched baby blankets and quilts. The super snuggly baby blankets are individually hand-stitched in the U.S.A. The Gardenia Quilt has two layers of signature Luster Loft fabric, hand-stitched together for a snuggly and downy quilt. The circle design lends a soft and graceful look to this versatile quilt that is perfect for tummy time or afternoon naps.

Willow Quilt is an extremely soft and tactile quilt that is made of signature Luster Loft fabric. The fun and fresh triangle design is a great choice for cribs or beds and makes nap-time a delight. The Birch Quilt is a combination of simplicity and under-stated style. This quilt is not only extremely comfortable but durable and makes it an ideal quilt to take a child from infancy and beyond.

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