Families are Strong Together and Hip Together

When you’re young, you are vaguely aware of the strong influences binding your family together. When you get older, you understand the vital role each family member plays. It’s not just about filling the role, either. It’s also about the stage of life that each person passes through which shapes the direction of the family, and the individual who lives within it. For example, every family has a black sheep — that one person who always seems to be operating outside the family rules. But even the black sheep still has a connector that binds them to the heart of the family. And eventually, even the black sheep wanders back home (for awhile, anyway!).

As the definitions of family change and evolve in modern society, the ties that bind families together remain strong. What family wouldn’t want to boast about its bonds? Companies like Hip Together are filling a need to promote the love and strength that exists in the bonds of family relationships.

It all started with Kara Coley’s desire to “make cute stuff for our kids,” explains Mike Coley, co-owner of Hip Together. “Several people in the neighborhood wanted some … she ended up doing a small trunk show and it went from there.” This grassroots movement catapulted Hip Together into the retail spotlight. The secret of its popularity lies in its direct appeal to what customers want: a cool way to express themselves. Plus, Hip Together has the whole family covered, from kids to aunties, making fashion a family affair.

For example, the children’s lineup appeals to kids’ love of fun and fashion, while still being easy to play in. Hot selling pieces include the girls’ “God Rocks” dress. The innovative Tutu Tights are a must-have — the perfect leggings to go under dresses, skirts, or shorts with frilly tutu-like bottoms (sizes 0-10 years, available in black with 11 different tutu colors).

Tweens are covered: the “I Am Loved” tween dolman burnout and the “Patriotic Heart Flag” indigo tee are sure-fire winners in this hard-to-reach niche.

Hip Together offers mom-friendly fashion, too. Strong sellers include items like the expressive “Mom of Boys”, “Mommy of 2”, and “Blessed Mom”. The connection between moms and sports cannot be denied, which is why the company is expanding its very-popular line of Sports Moms burnouts (already available in over 8 athletics, like football and dance). Hip Together pays homage to grandma with its “Blessed Grandmother” and “My Grandkids Rock” shirts.

Customers are hip to what’s cool from www.HipTogether.com

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