Locally Grown Offers Perfect Fits for Locavores

When we eat food that is locally grown, we reduce our carbon footprint by cutting back on the cost and impact of importing food from far away. Reducing the need for long-distance trucking cuts back on greenhouse gas emissions so altogether it’s a win-win. Preserving local character is good every way you look at it. Many consumers subscribe to this philosophy so, by offering them clothing for kids that emulates these ideals, retailers can support their existing values — another win-win.

Locally Grown Clothing Co. embraces the resurgence of farmers’ markets, local agriculture, and ideals of traditional craftsmanship and Americana. The company began by selling T-shirts at the Des Moines, Iowa, Farmer’s Market. Today, it has become a respected national brand.

There is a one-piece for every state, many with a great graphic of the state’s outline, all incredibly soft and printed with environmentally-friendly inks. Shirts are sized to fit munchkins from the three to six month range up to eighteen to twenty four months. In addition to the state motif, rompers are available with designs that read “Free Range Kid”, “Locally Grown” and “Sweet as Honey”. Styles come in a range of youth-like colors, including soft pink, green, yellow, navy and brown.

For bigger kids, Locally Grown offers well-fitting 100% cotton T-shirts that sport tractors, a honey of a bunny, a car with the slogan “Are we there yet?”, a wagon, a bunch of carrots and blueberries as well as the state outlines. In addition to the colors above, shirts for kids are also available in bold colors like orange, red and hot pink, with both short and three-quarter length sleeves. Locally Grown also makes soft, cozy sweatshirts in a zip hoody style, as well as a waffle-knit thermal that layers brilliantly.

The clothing is top quality and uniquely styled, and each time you make a sale, the company donates a portion of sales to Food Democracy Now!, a non-profit, grassroots organization that educates and motivates people to get behind independent family farmers.

Go local – boost sales and community spirit: www.locallygrownclothing.com

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